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9 actions you can do to achieve richer FAST


1. Think about 5 ways you can make money differently from your job. If you want to be rich, it does not make sense to think "I earn enough."

Start thinking "How can I earn more?"

Write down 5 ways you can make money outside your main job.

From creating an eBook for sale on Amazon, there are countless ways you can increase your earnings with just a little effort and time.

2. Set specific financial goals

"If you do what you always do, you will get what you Always received. "

This phrase is very true when it comes to finance, the goal of most people is simply to pay bills and rent. But if you were able to pay for basic necessities, then it is time to set a higher financial goal, such as saving, repaying, and creating a passive income stream. Mentality is important; Always think big when it comes to your finances.

3. Prioritize your goals

Okay, now you have the financial goals, but only with one. List of goals, it's hard to know where to place stars. Rather than trying to save a car and a vacation while still paying off, decide which goals are most important to you.

Focus on achieving that, and then move on to your next goal. 4. Think positively about money.

The rich man thinks about the rich

[194590010] [194590010] [194590011] Think positive about money and believe they deserve it. Many people today think that money is bad and the rich are evil, so of course they will never make much money with that thought.

Pay for your home and it is likely to provide you with security, so it's important to see the money is your friend, not your enemy. Be thankful.

Be thankful. Write down 20 things that you feel happy about your money, such as the roof over your head and your new clothes.

If you are struggling to see money in a positive light, remind yourself that money can open or close – that is your choice. 5. Be smarter in your free time.

You really think that the teacher teaches you everything you need to be successful in your career.


To advance in your career and in life, you have to master the skills and new knowledge in your area. Rather than focusing solely on hard work, take the time to learn something in your spare time.

These could be things related to your industry or just whatever you are curious about.

Now that we have the internet, you have access to thousands of years of knowledge from the palm of your hand, so no excuse. 6. Focus on problem solving every week.

The rich have chosen to focus on solving problems, not complaining.

About them This attitude helps improve your thinking, instead of finding the excuse, and it opens your eyes up to new financial opportunities and other opportunities that may be beneficial to you.


Write down a financial problem once a week, such as increasing income or finding a way to reduce the price of a grocery store and then offering a practical solution to a problem. .

Continue this work until you improve all aspects of your financial situation. 7.

From leaving your job you can start your own business to increase your requirements. Wages, many seemingly difficult choices at first will be financially rewarding. The only thing, most of us are afraid to do anything we have not done before, or too scared to make uncomfortable decisions. "

Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable but can improve your life. Of course you will feel comfortable working every day, but if you want life to change, then you will have to change everything in your life!

8. Keep track of your financial progress

Immediately Even when you are rich, you can still suck in managing your money. Even a person approaching high salaries can still leave a bit at the end of this month.

Record your income and all your outgoing expenses. Is there anything that cost you too much money? This gives you the opportunity to view larger images and allow you to make changes that will improve your finances.

9. Start investing wisely

The rich always put money to work. No matter what you do not know about it, investing is not the mysterious land of Wall Street as many people think. If you do not have investment experience, do some research on your own.

Many best investors do not have the first degree, they self study. When you have learned and learned about investing, invest in areas that you are familiar with and that can be profitable for you.

So, keep in mind, these are activities that will help you on the road to becoming rich. So do not just read, act on them! There are people who are poorer than you and have become millionaires, so there is no reason why you can not do that too!

Source by Victor E. Garcia

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