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adore-church--feedback-wordpress-theme-products-marketing---show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things adore-church--feedback-wordpress-theme-products-marketing---show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things <img src = " /assets.imithemes.com/images/theme-images/block_envato.png "alt =" 19459033 adore-church--feedback-wordpress-theme-products-marketing---show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things adore-church--feedback-wordpress-theme-products-marketing----show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things

Adore Church is a fully functional WordPress Theme designed and developed for the Church, Charity, Nonprofit and Religious websites and is useful for the Portfolio / Company website





  1. Bootstrap 3.2
  2. Retina ready & Fully responsive
  3. FullCalendar for Events
  4. Many blog templates and diverse events
  5. Supports audio / video for lectures

    7 types Gallery Pages

  6. Events page listed
  7. Upcoming Events Countdown Timer

  8. 12 Available color schemes and unlimited color options
  9. Working Contact Form

  10. Canned & Spacious Layout
  11. Isotope dance ($ 25 value)

  12. Great Font Web-Font
  13. 150 Web-Font Series Icon
  14. Multiple Effects Slider
  15. Google Font Support
  16. SEO Optimization
  17. Google Maps
  18. Touch / Swipe Support for Slider
  19. Retina ready & Fully responsive
  20. Well Documentation for Easy Editing
  21. Compatible with All Latest Browsers
  22. Division of Classification Response
  23. Latest Twitter Feeds Widget

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Twitter Bootstrap

Pictures from Live View are not included in the template

Change log

v1.7 – May 4, 2017

 UPDATED! Revolution Slider plugin
UPDATE! Slider class plugin
UPDATE! Demo data
UPDATE! Children Theme
MORE! Introduction to page generator data
FIXED! Some design flaws
FIXED! The lecture will examine the day of teaching to present on other lecture lectures showing the date of the post
FIXED! Yoast SEO Sitemap does not work
FIXED! An event page does not work with the mega menu 

v1.6.2 – February 07, 2017
FIXED! Post a thumbnail issue in the widget and shortcodes.php
MORE! Styling for a 7 letter contact form
FIXED! Delete the category image button is not displayed
FIXED! Styling for upcoming events listening to cell phone watch
FIXED! Google maps does not work for Add New Event in WP Dashboard
UPDATE! Meta Box Dialog
v1.6.1 – January 07, 2017

 Security Update for PHP mail function
UPDATE! Revolution Slider to the latest version
UPDATE! Layer Slider plugin for the latest version
UPDATE! Explanatory notes to display information in bulk
UPDATE! Link button zoom map linked pages
FIXED! Meta-boxes.php to remove standard text in the audio description field
FIXED! The date format does not change for the series
FIXED! Sample contact sample is missing from the pot file
FIXED! A few minutes difference to the event date on the sample when a long day of recurring events is there
FIXED! Wp_footer is called twice in footer.php since last version 

v1.6 – September 19, 2016

 NEW! No phone. Field for employee posts
UPDATE! Language file pot for some translations are lost
UPDATE! Redux Framework
FIXED! There is no notification when not selecting the ticket in the event registration module
FIXED! Lightbox from inactive for posts post format on the home page slider
FIXED! No email confirmation is sent when registering an event from the single event page 

v1.5.4 – July 15, 2016

 UPDATED! XML Demonstration Data 

v1.5.3 – July 07, 2016

 UPDATED! Spirituality for the latest version
UPDATE! Google Map Javascript to have API key
UPDATE! TGM plugin trigger class
UPDATE! Plugin Slider Revolutionary Painting
UPDATE! Layer Slider Plugin
UPDATE! Demo data
FIXED! Custom link dropdown custom color link not working 

v1.5.2 – May 12, 2016

 UPDATED! Included Meta Box Plugin 

v1.5.1 – May 07, 2016

UPDATE! Revolution Slider to the latest version
UPDATE! Grade Slider for the latest version
UPDATE! Extreme font icon to the latest version
FIXED! The 24 hour format for inactive event posts
FIXED! Some design flaws
FIXED! The meta box does not select a value 

v1.5 – 02 May 2016

 NEW! Event features paid
FIXED! An error with the prettyPhoto plugin
FIXED! The employee page generator gadget does not display content
FIXED! Some domain names are misspelled
FIXED! The home model has some problems with the outstanding project section
FIXED! Some design flaws
FIXED! Title bar inside the wrong store in Theme options> Side 

v1.4.1 – March 22, 2016

 NEW! Styling option for flex slider
UPDATE! Revolution Slider for the latest version
UPDATE! Class Slider to the latest version 5.6.2
FIXED! The unused meta field has been removed from the -imic-meta-boxes.php framework
FIXED! Mega attributes like target and class do not work when a menu is inserted in a megamenu column 

v1.4 – March 16, 2016

 NEW! Options to change words See lecture? On the page hosting the presentation
EACH! Option to hide time from event
EACH! Multi-day events will show both start and end dates
EACH! Optional to import up to 3 Google calendars with a barcode calendar
EACH! The event integrates the export options on the single event page
EACH! Optionally display library titles in library page templates
EACH! An employee list page generator utility
EACH! Add a taxonomy lesson template
EACH! Option to disable sticky title
EACH! Option to add apple favicon in Theme Options
EACH! Post template has been added to staff
EACH! Option to link employee posts to single pages or details in popup windows
UPDATE! Font Awesome icons to the latest version
UPDATE! Slider Revolution for the latest version
UPDATE! Structure permalinks for post types
FIXED! The upcoming event gadget lacks a closed div tag
FIXED! There is no space between the word and the text in the unique event page banner
FIXED! Event registration form displays multiple days when the sidebar has upcoming event gadgets in it
FIXED! The Gallery creator utility does not display the correct post format on the gallery
FIXED! The Posting List widget shows the featured images of each post in the next post
FIXED! The category filter for post 2 of the homepage template is not working
FIXED! Video blocks display for lectures even when no medium is attached to it
FIXED! Recent presentation tools display all media icons whether the media is attached to the sermon or not.
FIXED! Recent teaching access will show the date of instruction if entered instead of publication date
FIXED! Flex slider annotations are not displayed when the link URL is entered for the image
FIXED! Does the YouTube video not work when available? -? In video URL
FIXED! The Woo store page displays the title of the page as the first product title
FIXED! The type will be added if the print ticket button is clicked
FIXED! The mobile menu background is not visible after the drop down menu color option
FIXED! The default calendar is 6 weeks
FIXED! Error in presentation templates
FIXED! The featured block area on the homepage sometimes crashes when loading pages
FIXED! Audio download does not work if audio files are hosted on WordPress
FIXED! Special characters are displayed in the event title on the calendar
FIXED! Color type does not work for calendar events
FIXED! Library catalog filter in non-active page templates 

v1.3.3 – 22 September 2015
FIXED! The category template selected for the home page for the article does not work
FIXED! The past / future event template also displays a draft event
FIXED! Optional share button style in Topic options> Sharing options did not work
FIXED! Library filters on non-active class templates
FIXED! Woocommerce.php for post ID
FIXED! The problem of the height of Retina on the small screen
UPDATE! Revolution Slider to the latest version
v1.3.2 – September 03, 2015

EACH! Option to add alt text / title option to the social link share icon
EACH! The vk symbol for the social icon title / footer and the worker posting the social link
EACH! Option to upload a sticker title for the sticker type image type option
EACH! Now the event schedule section is hidden when no schedule is set for any event
EACH! The Magnification popup option is added for using the site lightbox
EACH! Added optional css friendly
EACH! Lecture complements the latest presentation tools
EACH! Animated animation is added for the latest lecture image
UPDATE! Lecture notes are added in the add-ons of the lecturer and the list of sermons presentations
UPDATE! Revolution Slider to the latest version
UPDATE! Grade Slider for the latest version
FIXED! The map icon is displayed on the unique event page when no address is provided
FIXED! Left bar location is released on small screen devices
FIXED! Image loop problem in post page builder utility
FIXED! Missing translations in the form of comment / comment
FIXED! The lecture icons can be seen even if no files are attached to the lecture
FIXED! Character blocks do not reach the same height
FIXED! Added style missing for shortcake price list
FIXED! Download the audio icon on the unique talk page is not displayed
FIXED! The Retina logo does not work
FIXED! Featured images are not displayed on the latest sermons gadget when there are no videos
FIXED! There is no gap between the time on the single event page header
FIXED! Some styling problems 

v1.3.1 – July 10, 2015
FIXED! Error positioning sidebar location on small screen devices
FIXED! Hidden symbols in short code generator
MORE! New icons for creating barcodes short
FIXED! Event ticket sales position in mobile devices
v1.3 – June 30, 2015

EACH! Drag the drop-down wizard
EACH! Option for page left left or on page
EACH! Sample Page for Sermon List / Grid
EACH! RTL language support
EACH! Option to choose whether the event will appear on the site until the start or end time
EACH! Option to select only show event start time or Start / End time
EACH! Google directions link in the event map window
EACH! Option to change the contents of the Link Event Manager Link
EACH! Option to add a link to the Flexslider slider image
UPDATE! A recent lecture tool for displaying striking images without videos
UPDATE! Homepage block home homepage to keep the same height
UPDATE! Extreme Font Icons to the latest version 4.3
UPDATE! Layer Slider Plugin
IMPROVE! Imic_afterSavePost () function
FIXED! Event sharing pops up in canning mode
FIXED! PrettyPhoto XSS fix
FIXED! Some strings do not receive translations
FIXED! The archive page list displays the first post name instead of the group name in the banner header
FIXED! The recent lecture tool shows all media icons though the file is available
FIXED! Events list switcher month does not work on the small screen 

v1.2.3 – May 30, 2015

EACH! Employee menu commands are short codes
UPDATE! Increase the box size of the highlighted box to rectangular view to 600px / 400px
UPDATE! Teaching Tools
UPDATE! Some dynamic data codes
UPDATE! Revolutionary slider
FIXED! Upcoming bar under the slider, Contact form error
FIXED! Event schedule is 24 hours.
FIXED! Video for lectures does not play unless a prominent image is placed
FIXED! Some design flaws
FIXED! The sliders lightbox collection cloned slide issue

v1.2.2 – April 29, 2015
FIXED! Error with inactive navigation link
v1.2.1 – April 28, 2015

 UPDATED! Framework theme tool and plug-ins for preventing vulnerability to XSS
FIXED! The header height issue of the home page
FIXED! Error line height menu error
FIXED! Height-height height text
FIXED! Error on line 487 of init.js
FIXED! Long name and location of employee posts caused the spill problem 

v1.2 – March 22, 2015

 NEW! Bbpress compatibility
EACH! Podcasting for lectures
EACH! Option to customize the theme in Theme options
EACH! Search and Cart buttons for titles
EACH! Google font options in Theme options
EACH! All the lectures of a sample speaker have been added
UPDATE! Add a plugin to add to Facebook / Twitter / Gplus tags in the header
FIXED! Presentation on recent lectures when no video was found
FIXED! Event counters on the homepage do not receive the correct event start time
FIXED! Hide bookmarks on the Masonry Blog Alert Template
FIXED! Note Height Title
FIXED! Error in single presentation page not displaying tag and content
FIXED! The talk show archive page does not send the user to the unique presentation page
FIXING WOULDING TUTORIALS for new commercial woo update 

v1.1 – February 28, 2015

 NEW! Revolutionary slider
EACH! Slider layer
EACH! Label added for event state
FIXED! Outstanding image size is not set for house type 2
FIXED! Release with file location when using sub-themes
FIXED! Post thumbnail image support
FIXED! Error echo on post on homepage
FIXED! CSS forwarding for fixed header
FIXED! Error with event time displaying wrong on list and grid 

v1.0 – February 17, 2015

 Initial Version 


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