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Advanced, fast, clean design with 24 layouts WordPress Theme



WOWMall has been refined and developed from the ground up to the absolute
Best practices in building ecommerce websites using WordPress. With a sophisticated, clean and
Modern design is easy to customize using the Administration Panel of the Theme in the backend of the

With stacks of web design elements at your fingertips, be backed up by a pre-determined ton
The structure, if there is no specific prebuilt version to meet your needs, you will create
The perfect website you have dreamed of in no time at all, and no coding required.

Built for today's users, backed by years of experience with experienced and experienced designers

New skin ” />
WOWmall WooCommerce WordPress Installation Manual video ” />
WOWmall WooCommerce Custom video tutorial for WordPress ” />

Do not panic! advanced-fast-clean-design-with-24-layouts--wordpress-theme-products-marketing--do-not-panic-we-are-here-to-help-out-in-our-top-support-forum-get-your-fast-answer-our-support-staff-are-top-employees-and-answer-within-12-hours-of-your-work--show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things

Built for Marketers

With powerful email marketing solutions built in, WOWMall is a dream of a marketer. Include build
In the Modal pop-up newsletter. With full control over time allows users to directly control
Action includes, show back, or not now, or register (of course!).

Built for speed

WOWMall for WordPress is super fast! We did the research and we found that number one
Reason customers & # 39; return & # 39; Or leave your site is poor performance … people want to wait for
Page to load in today's modern day of web design? No one! That's why we have optimized
All elements of WOWmall are lightweight and super fast so you will never lose
Another customer.
Do not take our word for it, try it for yourself. GTMetrix points it a 100/100 A large! This makes
We are proud of our accomplishments and confident that you will love WOWMall.

Built for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the # 1 platform building ecommerce websites with WordPress.
Extend core functionality with the most customizable e-commerce platform to build
Online Business.
WOWMall has WooCommerce baked into the core, so you can take advantage of everything
Available extensions and shortcodes blow the roof out of your regular online store.

Built on inspiration

Being a designer and development team at ethemes prides our work. WOWMall is now
One of our most comprehensive and complete designs, allows us to be able to
To share this with you so you can create your own dream website.
We have drawn all the tricks to bring you the best ideas and the biggest design package
Elements are within the reach of any WordPress user. Create your own elements, start with us,
Expand them and format them to suit your needs, the power behind the scenes will do you

Built for your business

As entrepreneurs, we know the meaning of having a solid foundation as a rock, because
Customer facing website. WOWMall is carefully constructed to be exactly that for you, without wires
Attachment, no hidden feature required. Everything you see and touch here is included in one
Single discount for this theme.
Why stop your business anymore when WOWMall can take care of all for you right now.

Added features at No More Costs

Some themes require additional purchase to realize full potential, but not here.
Developed with the following plugin since launch, you can rest assured that none
The issue is compatible with any of the top plugins that extend your new site
Even more.

Qingdao Revolution

Whether it is Slider, Carousel, Heroic Scene or even Front Page, Slider Revolution,
The Drag & Drop image editor will allow you to tell your story in the best possible way.

Visual Editor

The World's No. 1 WordPress Page Builder plugin – over a million and a half people can not

The Optimizer Tool for the VC

Elements here and everywhere! With Ulitmate for VC, you can fulfill your web design needs
Go to the next level of great, all in the familiar Drag & Drop way that you are accustomed

Check in the real world

Best of all, WOWMall has been thoroughly tested to match most up-to-date
HTML5 & CSS3 coding practice as well as experiment page speed with actual device.
Not only simulator, we have tested WOWMall on a myriad of modern day devices to be sure
That our customers, and the needs of your customers, are beyond all time.

Feature list

  • 100/100 GTmterix perfomance
  • Response Retina ready design
  • CSS 3 / HTML 5
  • Bootstrap 3.X
  • 8+ different layouts
  • 2 variants of the product page
  • 8 page variations listed
  • 6 titles
  • 5 footer

  • 3 Layout Blog
  • Suppurt format article
  • Many currencies ready

  • Instagram Utility
  • Blog
  • Multilevel Navigation

  • Sign up for our newsletter Popup
  • Revolution Slider – Presentation Plug-in Photo (Save $ 18!)
  • Editorial Visualizer Editor (Save $ 34!)
  • Editor
    Add to Cart

    Ajax Add to Shopping Cart

    Product Label (New / Featured)

  • Ajax GRID & LIST mode
  • Mega Menu

    Lazy Loading

    Horisontal / Vertical Slider

  • Manual book page
  • RTL
  • SEO Optimization
  • Fontello Icon Easy Icon Import

  • Full featured gallery with 3 layouts
  • Compare Wishlist & see the fast

  • Import full featured demo
  • Product Brand

  • Ajax search
  • Many languages ​​are available

  • Video on the Products page. Example # 1 . Example 2
  • Infinite scroll on the store. Download more buttons . Infinite.



Video tutorial

WowMall – Installation
WowMall – Customize
WowMall – How to create a new footer
WowMall – Social Media File
WowMall – How to Create Megamenu
WowMall – Colors and Variations Size
WowMall – Product Videos Page
WowMall – How to update themes


For assistance with using support forum . Response time can be up to 1 business day .

Product support includes:

  • Author's availability to answer questions
  • Answer technical questions about the features of the item
  • Support error reports and problems
  • Help with third party properties include


Version 1.2.6, June 3,

1. contact form 7 compatible ver 4.8
2. minor fixes

Version 1.2.5, May 26

1. Small fixes

Version 1.2.4, May 25

1. Plugin updates
2. minor fixes

Version 1.2.3, May 18

1. Compatibility WooCommerce 3.0.7
2. Update the plugin
3. Small fixes

Version 1.2.2, dated May 11

Handle: Place "View Cart" button.
Handle: Slip type on sticky title

Version 1.2.1, May 11

1. Compatibility WooCommerce 3.0.6
2. Update the plugin
3. Small fixes

Version 1.2.0, April 29

1. Compatible with WooCommerce 3.0.4
2. Update the plugin
3. Additional operating license
4. ADDED Compare table structure filters
5. Add a Community Share Filter
6. minor fixes

Version 1.1.3, April 15

1. Compatible with WooCommerce 3.0.3
2. Update the plugin
3. Small fixes

Version 1.1.2, April 14

1. Compatibility WooCommerce 3.0.2
2. Update the plugin
3. Small fixes

Version 1.1.1, April 12

1. Compatibility WooCommerce 3.0.1
2. Update the plugin
3. Small fixes

Version 1.1.0, April 6

1. Compatibility WooCommerce 3.0.0
2. minor fixes

Version 1.0.4, March 30

1. New Leather - Tools, Bicycles
2. minor fixes

Version 1.0.3, March 27

1. New Leather - Furniture, organic cosmetics, jewelry, glass
2. Move infinitely over the store
3. Video on product page
4. Small fixes

Version 1.0.2, March 20

1. New Leather - Fashon, underwear
2. minor fixes

Version 1.0.1, March 15

1. New Leather - Electronics Store
2. Optimize server errors introduced on slow performance servers.
3. Small fixes

* Pictures from the demo are not included in the theme files.


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