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auto-stars--car-dealer-listings-and-listings-wp-products-marketing---show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things auto-stars--car-dealer-listings-and-listings-wp-products-marketing---show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things <img src="https://assets.imithemes.com/images/theme-images/block_envato.png" alt=" <img src="https://assets.imithemes.com/images/theme-images/block_envato.png" alt=" <img src="https://assets.imithemes.com/images/theme-images/block_envato.png" alt=" ] auto-stars--car-dealer-listings-and-listings-wp-products-marketing---show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things auto-stars--car-dealer-listings-and-listings-wp-products-marketing---show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things

AutoStars is a powerful full featured WordPress Theme designed and developed for auto dealers, automatically catalogs websites and becomes useful for any kind of website like any site. Estate, courses …




    Bootstrap 3.3.1

    Revolutionary Mouse Revolution Plugin ($ 18 value)

  1. 25+ Full Layer PSD Files
  2. Retina ready & Fully responsive
  3. Manage Your Ad Listings Front

    Many Style Blog and Listing Templates

  4. PowerFull User Control Panel
  5. Many style library styles

    Car Details Page

  6. 4 title style
  7. 12 previous color options & unlimited color options
  8. Working Contact Form

  9. Canned & Spacious Layout
  10. Isotope dance ($ 25 value)

  11. Awesome Fonts Web-Font
  12. 150 Icon Web-Font Series

  13. Multiple Effects Slider
  14. Google Font Support
  15. SEO Optimization
  16. Google Maps
  17. Touch / Swipe Support for Slider

  18. Retina ready & Fully responsive
  19. Well Documentation for Easy Editing
  20. Compatible with All Latest Browsers
  21. Room Classification Response

  22. The latest Twitter Feeds widget

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Twitter Bootstrap

Images from Live View are not included in the template

Change log

v1.9 – March 17, 2017
IMPROVEMENT! Time to meet the value of the child
IMPROVE! When a live URL is reached with a search filter, the active filter will not be added above the filter causing the duplicate filter to be clicked again.
IMPROVE! Filtering values ​​in the URL is now deleted when the filter is removed from the top search filters on the list page
UPDATE! Add-listing.js file
IMPROVE! Sub-arrow icon for the first and last page link
UPDATE! Plugin imi Classifieds
UPDATE! Template-listing.php
UPDATE! Init.js file
UPDATE! Function compare list
FIXED! When listing an option page that is used then the same height does not work
FIXED! Paging does not show up on the category catalog page
FIXED! The Meta mailbox files do not get enqueued when requested at some point
FIXED! The URL encoding function is updated for the search URL
FIXED! Some missing strings have been added
FIXED! Listed lists of unresponsive blocks
FIXED! Model Home 2 has no option to change the bg image for vehicles listed recently
FIXED! The places tab on the list details page must be blocked when used to display the map
FIXED! Error while editing user information from WP Dashboard
FIXED! Alerts are displayed on additional list pages for some users
FIXED! Quick search does not display results immediately but works when the page refreshes
FIXED! The Ajax list generated on the results page displays broken video links
FIXED! When page ranking is a user on a page listed, refining search filters appears to be broken for some users
FIXED! List for vehicles make icons do not show accurate results
v1.8.2 – December 21, 2016

 NEW! WhatsApp Share button for social sharing options
UPDATE! Revolutionary slider for the latest version
FIXED! Social sharing options in Theme Options are not working
FIXED! Some design flaws
FIXED! Select the required type on the listing page
FIXED! Filter does not work on browser / transitions 

v1.8.1 – August 13, 2016

 UPDATED! Google Maps API API Support
UPDATE! Red Frame Framework 

v1.8 – July 5, 2016

 UPDATED! Revolution Slider for the latest version 5.2.6
FIXED! The Escape property is removed from the custom css custom output field
FIXED! The paging of the list should have ajax resizing functionality
FIXED! Problem with currency format
FIXED! Accepted directive for price field
FIXED! Select the restricted category in the list when using the imi classifieds plugin
FIXED! The news section is not disabled on the Home template
FIXED! The newsletter form does not give any confirmation about the submission
FIXED! Successful notification of Contact Form can not be translated
EACH! Option to disable captcha
FIXED! The related image specifications do not work
FIXED! The image type feature always displays the first image
EACH! Search the form for the Revolution Slider option
FIXED! The layout is broken in title 4 header style
FIXED! Optional Lightbox Magup Popup Box does not work for List 

v1.7.5 – 01 June 2016

 UPDATED! Revolution Slider Plugin for the latest version
UPDATE! Great fonts for the latest version
FIXED! While creating a new list via the WP admin: Here is the "Specs"? The drop-down menu displays an alert
FIXED! Listings with no car images show thumbnails. Even it was set up In the theme options> pic's default car
FIXED! Problem related to property location on google map. It was showing the area code of the user location instead of the location of the property.
FIXED! Login / Register page displays errors when accessed by an unregistered user
FIXED! Error in short code generator code generator in latest version
FIXED! The technical area is not displayed when selecting any "category category" and after deselecting the specifications area has returned but is empty.
FIXED! While adding new listings. Inserting a price with a decimal number makes it invalid.
FIXED! "Third Template Home" Click the "Create Ad Now" button on the plan will navigate to "404 Page Not Found"
FIXED! Unwanted space in the page details page accordion area
FIXED! The banner search form does not return results
FIXED! The Author Field inside the list page does not update when another user changes, it just needs to be changed back to the default user
FIXED! Google Map does not display the location of the ad, as it displays the user's location on the listing page
FIXED! Captcha string translation does not work
FIXED! Translation of the Contact.php string does not work
FIXED! Updated get_currentuserinfo method deprecated
FIXED! Empty rows in the specification must be hidden on the form details page
FIXED! Search keywords do not work when using the char type of the specs
FIXED! Until the semi-static write to the plan in the shortcode.php file and template-home-third.php
FIXED! The Currency Currencies table of the price list does not work in the sample-home-third
FIXED! Page-flex.php has a slider error strip min / max value 

v1.7.4 – May 02, 2016

 UPDATED! Revolution Slider to the latest version
UPDATE! Meta Box Package for the latest version
FIXED! The blog template does not display the correct date for the post
FIXED! An error in the form-compare.php
FIXED! Some styling errors 

v1.7.3 – March 30, 2016
FIXED! Create new captcha styles that are added to the contact form and register
FIXED! Add style button to create shortcake
FIXED! Specifications are not displayed on the unique listing page when the classifieds plugin is in use.
v1.7.2 – March 22, 2016

 NEW! Captcha has been added for all available forms to a list
EACH! Optional login with email address as well as username
UPDATE! Template-add-listing.php template-dashboard.php, imic-theme-functions.php, meta_field.php and search-one.php
FIXED! Mega attributes like target and class do not work when a menu is inserted in a megamenu column
FIXED! Monthly packages do not exclude lists
FIXED! Error in shortcodes.php
FIXED! Customize js escape attribute value option theme
FIXED! Watching videos does not work when reloading data using ajax
FIXED! The default image for the list in Topic Options does not work
FIXED! List types of classification not working for the type
FIXED! Reset field select car-add.js file
FIXED! Refining the search dropdown list on the list page does not work for some users
FIXED! Error in newsletter.php
FIXED! Subfield does not automatically load if using sub-topic 

v1.7.1 – January 21, 2016

FIXED! Shortcodes do not work for some users
FIXED! Free plan does not work
FIXED! Specifications for children administration are not shown for some specs
FIXED! Relevant listings on a listing page sometimes display listings that have been sold

v1.7 – 09 January 2016

EACH! Monthly membership plan
EACH! Type classification scheme is added
EACH! Filter range selection for search patterns
EACH! Start separate and end points for range filters
UPDATE! Subfields are automatically loaded at their respective relative values ​​at the bottom of the list
FIXED! WPML problem in adding listing form
FIXED! The form rolls to the top of the page if there are any required fields in the additional form
FIXED! The child parameter does not load at the end for the enumeration
FIXED! Search through the slider release form does not work
FIXED! The Google Map short code in single-cars.php should have an address map address that does not display the correct location
FIXED! Some strings can not be translated in footer.php file 

v1.6 – 02 December 2015

 NEW! Add any subfield option in the search form, so that it can search all parent field listings
EACH! RTL option included
EACH! Added sub-topic for user to use theme as agency
EACH! Option to select from the popup in place of beautiful pictures
EACH! Filter range for search filters
FIXED! Specifications are not displayed in the list if any keys are removed from the repeat field
FIXED! The news section has not been disabled on the homepage
FIXED! Sort by filter does not hold the current filter
FIXED! Forms require a message of success
FIXED! The integer specification does not have spaces while using custom headers
FIXED! The child feature filter is not displayed because the index was not found
FIXED! Add a validation error for the js list
FIXED! Child value not shown in single car file
FIXED! Search for the one.php file confused in the include directory, has now been deleted
FIXED! Meta_field.php should have a check value if existed instead of index 

v1.5 – 17 November 2015

EACH! Reset Password option
EACH! Now support WP theme All ImportFIXED! The specs did not load on the list page while using the list plugin
EACH! The request template email will display a List URL instead of an ID
EACH! The .po language is added to the Category Plugin
EACH! Added vk social icon options for header / footer and share buttons
EACH! Added barcode for dealer list
UPDATE! List single page images to enhance
UPDATE! Revolution Slider to the latest version
FIXED! The library catalog template selection is not working
FIXED! Some WPML errors
FIXED! Google maps were not displayed on the list details page
FIXED! Compare listing templates do not work well with the Ads plugin
FIXED! Released with media uploader for user interface in Google Chrome
FIXED! The classification settings page is not updated in WP Dashboard
FIXED! Released with several translation strings
FIXED! Released with non-loaded child values ​​for some users
FIXED! UX issue with sign-up forms
FIXED! Ranking range is not working well, preventing page max 7
FIXED! The single page request form that is provided to the administrator will now be sent to the agent / seller
FIXED! News section has not been disabled on sample 1 

v1.4.1 – September 03, 2015

EACH! Added default language file
EACH! Option to use WP Media Uploader on Add Page List
EACH! Option to set image upload field is required
EACH! The Payment Information field from the Add Page Page List will be hidden if Price Plan is disabled
EACH! Optional currency option in Price Plan
UPDATE! Revolution Slider for Latest Version
FIXED! IE Issues for Adding List and Page Previews to Page
FIXED! Fonts do not display all pages after some lists
FIXED! Search results are not accurate
FIXED! Recently lists have no exact command about page refresh or sort
FIXED! The expiration date of the non-savings list for some users
FIXED! Search through the slider issue when using the revolution slider
FIXED! List of most recently published draft lists 

v1.4 – July 24, 2015

 NEW! Added a demo ad
EACH! Optional variety for list
EACH! Enter a title field for the list
EACH! Set the expiration time to be listed in your price plan
FIXED! Optionally turn off the title option does not work
FIXED! Footer placement in canned layout on Blog (index.php) page 

v1.3.1 – June 30, 2015

 prettyPhoto XSS fix 

v1.3 – June 22, 2015

 NEW! Options for the plan whether the administrator wants to enable it or not
EACH! Optional for Ex-Under Review status and Active Immediate
EACH! Child feature does not work in search short code
EACH! The child feature does not work in the search filter
NEW Km / Miles option to calculate the distance
EACH! Currency Options for Mortgage Calculator
EACH! The Category Details page can now also have the option to shorten forms or completely disable the request form
EACH! Optional tab options for list details page
FIXED! Content not showing on single blog 

v1.2 – June 3, 2015

 NEW! Power password strength meter and password generator for registry and registry utility icons
EACH! Search form shortcakes (2 types)
EACH! The option to choose the default template for the ad listing page is search or custom details
EACH! Automatically move to the next step on the Add Listing Wizard
FIXED! The car details page template does not work
FIXED! Number of listings displayed in the wrong search filter bar 

v1.1 – June 1, 2015
FIXED! Social Icon Home icon on the small screen
FIXED! The Demo Price attribute is not displayed
FIXED! Mobile menu hidden when touching book
v1.0.0 – May 24, 2015

 Initial Version 


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