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Bookbinding: A Tutorial

Douglas W. Jones on Bookbinding


If books had been invented after the computer, they’d were
judicious a gigantic leap forward. Books maintain a number of hundred simultaneous
paper-skinny, versatile displays. They boot straight. They disappear on very low
vitality at a truly low-cost.

Prof. Joseph M. Jacobson, MIT Media Lab,

quoted within the N. Y. Cases, Apr eight, 1988, page B2.

Bookbinding, the art of sewing pages true into a quilt to develop a ebook, can
attend many capabilities. This tutorial introduction is aimed primarily at
these that are on the lookout for to withhold the instruct of frail pulp paperbacks by
photocopying them onto archival paper after which binding the outcomes
the usage of an archival binding system, the long-sew. Most of this
tutirial is equally appropriate to binding supplies from a lot of sources.

This text used to be written after consultation with workers of the College of
Iowa Book Conservation Laboratory, and an early draft of this text used to be
reviewed by a preservation librarian for the Reserach Libraries Neighborhood.
Book-Lab, of Austin, Texas, supplies products and companies a lot like these described
right here on a commercial foundation. Every other source for such products and companies is
Knowledge Conservation Inc.

This tutorial on bookbinding is oriented towards the preservation of the
contents of decaying pulp paperbacks; step one in this direction of
involves photocopying the decaying ebook, but most of this applies equally
properly to making up restricted editions based mostly utterly on photocopies of manuscript
pages or typewritten discipline fabric

Assuming you’re initiating with a decaying paperback, you perhaps can quiet check when you happen to
truly want to raze the novel! It is utterly complicated to photocopy
an frail paperback without destroying what is left of the binding, so it
is value asking if the ebook could also be preserved by a lot of manner, as an instance,
by neutralizing the acid within the paper.

If the paper within the ebook’s pages breaks when creased after which reverse
creased, the paper is beyond saving. For instance, if dog eared corners
of pages are possible to fall off after they’re unfolded or reverse folded, the
paper is too brittle to keep by any manner a lot of than plastic or tissue
paper lamination. In the case of the worst of pulp paperbacks, it could well
handiest get a decade or two for the paper to attain this tell of decay.

Assuming that you perhaps can maintain determined to sacrifice the ebook to be photocopied,
it’s possible you’ll additionally fabricate a restricted version of the ebook on archival paper. With
an attractive binding and modest care in storage, this could well quiet final for

I develop now not indicate project this mission better than as soon as
for any explicit ebook! It is laborious work! Learn this entire document sooner than
attempting it yourself. If someone else has already done the job, it’s possible you’ll additionally be
ready to lower your effort in half within the occasion that they saved an unbound photocopy that
it’s possible you’ll additionally reproduction and bind.

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