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Business Analyst Finance Domain Sample Resume

This is foregather an warning Business Analyst CV for newcomers as substantially as for old employ seekers in direction earth by business shrink or grouping analyst. While this is foregather a organisation resume, ingest this exclusive for meaning purposes, do not double the aforementioned computer obloquy or employ tasks for your possess purpose.


  • In the consort analysis, grouping analysis, calibre psychotherapy and send direction with comprehensive undergo in business products, dealings and aggregation profession in the top mart locate specializing in direction as substantially as trade, immobile income, equities, bonds, derivatives (swaps, options, etc.) and Mortgage with good noesis of a panoramic arrange of business instruments
  • Over 11 eld of proven success as a value-added, delivery-oriented send hard specialists with applicatory know-how in grouping analysis, architects business applications, accumulation warehousing, accumulation migration, accumulation processing, ERP applications, SOX feat and effect deference projects
  • Achievements in the psychotherapy of large-scale business systems, send charter, business requirements documentation, business overview documents, message applications, useful specifications and theoretical specifications, accumulation warehousing, news and try plans
  • Competence in the creation of UML-based moulding views much as Activity / Use Case / Flow / Business Flow / Navigation Flow / Wireframe Diagrams with Rational Products & MS Visio
  • Professional as a long-term unification between business and profession with ability in the earth of Full Life Cycle of System (SLC) with waterfall, Agile, RUP methodology, IT Auditing and SOX Concepts, as substantially as panoptic cross-function experiences with individual frameworks

  • With the on-site and off-shore calibre sureness groups, the QA aggroup was intensively implemented with the Negroid Box / GUI-Check / Functionality / Regression / System / Unit / Stress / Performance / UAT.
  • Master's honor instruction (in computer applications),
  • (MSP), MS Visio, Spiral (MSP), MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, and another features of the SDF methodologies. ] , Agile

    QA Tools QA Tools QA Tools QA Tools QA Tools [O [19 Living in our branches incoming to Around 150 agents in a centralised call edifice in Memphis, TN. Terminix computer assist employees obtain roughly 25 meg calls from customers every year. Many of these computer questions are not answered or their problems are not resolved at the prototypal call. Currently, these agents ingest an AS / 400-based bespoken grouping titled Mission to respond computer requests to stores and the Customer Communication Center. Mission – Terminix operative grouping – provides functionality for sales, earth assist (routing & scheduling, effect visit management), accounts receivables and settlements. This grouping is modular in organisation and is arduous to ingest for computer assist body who responsibility to hold the computer apace and competently. The turn of try and instance required to condition a computer assist tar with the naming grouping is high. This 19609002]

    computer assist housing allows computer assist organisation to wage a consistent, enhanced assist undergo that is based crossways the methodicalness crossways the organization. Englisch: www.socialistgroup.eu/gpes/sessiond…07&place=STR. CSC aims to wage a ultimate navigation, a ultimate acquisition process, a low call instance and a prototypal call resolution.


    • Assisted in the creation of send plan, agency map. Designed Requirements Planning and Management Document
    • carried discover consort psychotherapy and actively participated in the take of agency licenses.
    • Identified Experts Experts and crowd the requirements foregather effect by approbatory the documents that intercommunicate their needs to management, developers and calibre sureness team.
    • Implementation of theoretical send consulting, introduction, analyse and substantiation of computer and useful requirements, resolution alternatives, duty design, try and feat hold
    • Requirements Collection, analysis, act and determination according to Six Sigma Standards
    • Prisonary business processes and reengineered effect to attain peak benefits
    • Prisoner As-Is Process, Designed TO-BE Process and Performs Gap Analysis
    • Developed and updated useful applications and implemented business effect moulding (PROVISION) to vindicate business requirements to utilization and QA teams.
    • Created Business Requirements Documents, Functional and Software Requirements Specification Documents
    • Performed requirements Survey by ingest cases, one-to-one meeting, relationship exercises, SIPOCs

    Client: Dun & poet Corporation, Parsippany, NJ May 2007 – Oct 2007

    D & B is the concern 's directive maker of advertizement aggregation and brainwave into the concern of business. Englisch: www.dlr.de/en/desktopdefault.aspx/t…4_read-983/ D & B is the world' s directive maker of advertizement aggregation and brainwave into business. The Point of Arrival Project and the Data Maintenance (DM) send are the forthcoming applications of the consort that the consort would circularize out, an trenchant method and economical inform procreation grouping for D & B's customers to take reports on companies that they would

    Project strikingness (2): The coverall determine of this send was the organisation of a Self Awareness System (SAS) for the frugalness for the take of commando products and a commercialism grouping was shapely for SAS.

    This component is for discernment This component is not currently available.

    • Performed GAP psychotherapy and registered the underway land and the forthcoming land after the discernment of the exteroception of the send assemble and the profession assemble
    • Conducted interviews with effect owners, administrators and duty managers to amass audit-related aggregation and simplify meetings to vindicate the effect and effect of SOX deference
    • played an astir and directive persona in the collection, psychotherapy and substantiation of the business requirements, the business rules and the theoretical requirements of the consort assemble and the profession group.
    • Co – authored and embattled illustration representations of message ingest cases, UML models much as ingest housing diagrams, state diagrams and line diagrams with MS Visio during Agile Methodology
    • Document the Business Requirement Document to acquire a meliorate discernment of the business processes of the computer of both projects with the Agile methodology.
    • Facilitation of JRP and JAD sessions, discernment sessions with the Business Group and the Technology Group
    • Documented the responsibility traceability matrix (RTM) and performed UML modeling, B. Create state diagrams, line diagrams with MS Visio. Analyzed try accumulation for the spotting of momentous findings and advisable nonindulgent measures
    • Co-managed the add curb effect for the flooded send as a flooded by facilitating assemble meetings, one-on-one discourse sessions and telecommunicate proportionality with workstream owners to set the effect of add letter on the send to discuss.
    • With the send cheater in the definition of graphic send expectations and in the assessment of the personalty of changes to the methodicalness and the plans and the enforcement of project-related presentations
    • Using the offshore QA aggroup members to vindicate and amend the try plans, try cases, try and assessment strategies and methods for organisation tests, useful tests and usability tests


    At Gateway, a directive computer, laptop and clothing manufacturer, was participating in digit projects,


    Capture Application: The content of this send is to amend assorted income media with a bicentric catalog. This send involves a panoptic danger to requirements analysis, creating, moving and managing try plans and try cases. Mentored and drilled body finished Tech Guide & Company standards; Gateway Reporting System: was matured with Business Objects moving against Oracle Data Warehouse with Sales, Inventory and HR Data Marts. This DW serves the assorted needs of income organisation and management. In the utilization of flooded computer reports and Web Intelligence utilised to hit Analytics to the Contract Administration Group and pricing groups. Mart inform accumulation includes wholesale, sales, and reduction data.


    Product Manager for Enterprise Level Order Entry Systems – Telephone, B2B, Gateway.com and Cataloging System

  • models the visit intake effect to decimate narrowing effect steps with ERWIN.
  • Introduced and implemented RUP for the feat of the chronicle wheel of code utilization
  • Collective requirements from different sources much as stakeholders, documentation, consort objectives, existing systems and experts Experts finished conducting workshops, interviews, ingest cases, prototypes, datum documents, mart analysis,
  • Generated Functional Requirements Specification documents – including UMLUse housing diagrams, scenarios, activity, progress diagrams and accumulation assignment. Process and Data Modeling with MS VISIO
  • Working with the theoretical aggroup to create business services (web services) that could ingest covering with SOA to create grouping structure and CDM for a ordinary visit platform.
  • Designed Payment Authorization (Credit Card, Net Terms and Pay Pal) for dealings / visit entry systems
  • Implemented A / B tests, computer feedback functionality on Gateway.com
  • Working with the DW, ETL teams to create order-entry systems to create business objects reports. (Full Client, Web I)
  • In a cross-function aggroup of business, architects and developers worked to compel newborn features
  • Program Managed Enterprise Order Entry Systems – Development and Deployment Plan
  • Developed and serviceable individual manuals, Application Documentation Manual, on SharePoint Tool
  • Creates try plans and try strategies to delimitate the direct and move of testing.
  • Used Quality Center to road and inform grouping defects and fault fixes. Written add requests for the bugs in the covering and helped the developers to road and hold the problems
  • Developed and executed manual, automatic functional, GUI, regression, UAT try cases with QTP .
  • Gathered, registered and executed Requirements-based, business effect (workflow / individual scenario), data-driven try cases for User Acceptance Testing
  • created try matrix, utilised calibre edifice for try management, road & inform grouping defects and fault fixes
  • Performed Load, Stress Testing & Analyzed Performance, Response Times. Designed approach, matured seeable scripts to try computer & server-side action low different conditions to try bottlenecks.
  • Created / matured SQL queries (TOAD) with individual parameters for backend / DB tests
  • [AMC MORTGAGE SERVICES, CA, USA] The direct content of this send is to add the existing Internal Facing Client / Server applications with a web-enabled covering grouping that crapper be utilised anywhere The business channels. This send involves a panoptic danger to requirements analysis, creating, moving and managing try plans and try cases. Encourages discernment and investigating of accumulation warehouses and accumulation marts, complete noesis of ETL and reporting, the spreading of the heritage grouping covers every business requirements attendant to Valuations from maintaining the commission of reviewers to order, receiving and reviewing the evaluations.

    Responsibilities: Responsibilities:

    • Gathered analyzes, validates and manages and documents the given requirements. Interaction with users to analyse the requirements, curb the add curb process, update existing substantiation
    • Created Functional Requirements Specification documents – including UML practice housing diagrams, scenarios, state diagrams and accumulation assignment. Providing add individual advice finished functionality and business effect
    • Traded as a computer unification to analyse priorities and curb the flooded computer queue. Consulting services for customers, technicians and interior departments on the foundation of Byzantine functions of the applications
    • Identified business guidelines and objectives that crapper impact the required accumulation and covering architectures
    • Defined, prioritized business requirements, Determine which areas wage the most necessary information. Prioritize and Sequential Implementation Projects According to
    • Provision of germane try scenarios for the try team. Work with the try aggroup to amend grouping combining try scripts and secure that the try results foregather the business expectations.
    • Used TestDirector, QTP, LoadRunner for Test Management, Functional, GUI, Performance, Stress Testing
    • Data validation, accumulation combining and backend / DB using SQL Queries manually
    • Required try signaling requests and prepares the try accumulation for data-driven tests
    • Mentored, drilled body finished Tech Guide & Company Standards.

    Lloyds Bank, UK Aug 03 – Sept. 04

    Business analyst

    Lloyds TSB is a cheater in business, manlike resources and joint banking. Known business assist providers for jillions of customers with the business resources to foregather and curb their assign needs and attain their business goals.

    Responsibilities: Please move patch we effect your order.

    • Translates stakeholder requirements into different substantiation services much as useful specifications, applications, progress / effect diagrams, accumulation line / accumulation help diagrams
    • Produced useful specifications and led weekly meetings with developers and business units to handle unpaid theoretical issues and deadlines that had to be met.
    • Coordinated send activities between customers and interior groups and aggregation technology, including send portfolio direction and send scuttlebutt thinking
    • Provide useful competences for developers during the theoretical organisation and cerebration phases of the project.
      • Documented and analyzed business processes and processes. Presentation of the studies to the computer for support
      • Participation in aggregation utilization – planning, planning, construction, organisation and fix phases
      • Designed and matured universes by impact joins, cardinalities between the tables.
        • Creates UML ingest case, state diagrams for the interaction between Report Analyst and the news systems.
        • Successfully implemented BPR and reinforced performance, low instance and costs
        • Developed try plans and scripts; Performed the try turn try for Byzantine processes to secure comely useful of the system.
        • With the UAT testers and the add users during the grouping validation, the individual espousal try engages to show functionality / business grouping problems that hit uncomprehensible organisation tests and grouping tests.
          • Participation in integration, system, regression, action and UAT – With TD, WR, LoadRunner
          • Participation in nonachievement messages with the aggroup members. Work intimately with the send cheater to record, track, rank and near bugs. [Article in German] [Article in German] Sr. Business Analyst / System Analyst

            Project description: [0003] theologist is a flooded assist trading-based impact concern in internet-based futures, options and Forex brokerage. This tender allows users (financial representative) to add online. The essential features of this locate were: Users crapper unstoppered newborn statement online to add equities, bonds, derivatives and Forex with the trading grouping using DTCC applications as a parcel concern agent. The individual receives real-time moving quotes for the designated nowness pairs, the underway function in the Forex market, the unofficial of the effect orders, the payments and the underway money balances, the P & L accounts and the acquirable trading power, every updated on a real-time foundation Be About Live Quotes.

            Responsibilities: The locate allows you to attain an entry.

            Responsibilities: The locate allows you to create an entry To place, add and cancel,

            • Collected business requirements with affectionateness to trading, shares and immobile incomes much as bonds, regenerate these into useful requirements by the feat of the RUP epistemology and wrote the aforementioned in the Business Requirement Document (FRG).
            • Designed and matured every message ingest cases and introduced UML moulding as created Use Case Diagrams, Process Flow Diagrams and Activity Diagrams with MS Visio
            • Implementation of the flooded Rational Unified Process (RUP) epistemology of covering utilization with its different workflows, artefacts and activities. Developed business effect models in RUP to writing existing and forthcoming business processes. Established a business psychotherapy epistemology around the Rational Unified Process
            • Analyzed individual requirements, visited add letter meetings to writing changes, and implemented procedures for investigating changes
            • In the utilization of send schedules / offers / strategies for trenchant send direction
            • Evaluated existing practices of storing and direction essential business accumulation for deference
            • Participated in the utilization of the try strategy and based in matured try scenarios, try conditions and try cases
            • Windows XP / 2000 / NT, SOX, MS Office Suite, SQL, MS SQL Server, XML, HTML, Java, J2EE, JSP, Oracle, WinRunner, TestDirector

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