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codereview: accumulate Github PRs · Area #18517 · golang/high-tail


I propose we originate accepting Github PRs (Pull Requests).

Currently now we relish a bot auto-end them with a message telling them we don’t expend PRs and as a substitute expend Gerrit.

When we moved to Github, @robpike stated:

Most members of the Trail community expend Git and host their work on GitHub, and we would possibly well per chance per chance unprejudiced peaceable join them.

While that is resplendent, we’re peaceable now not the expend of Github cherish Github users expend Github.

I imagine that our present pushback bot dissuades many seemingly contributors.

I propose we originate accepting pull requests by robotically converting them into Gerrit CLs (“alternate lists”, identical as a PR nonetheless assorted terminology). Stories would peaceable happen on Gerrit and the bot would update the PR of job on Gerrit. Gerrit is peaceable where we would urge trybots and push the “Merge” button. We would by no draw merge on Github. Gerrit would remain the upstream supply-of reality.

I prototyped this syncing in https://github.com/LetsUseGerrit/gerritbot/ and aged it a tiny whereas working on gRPC-high-tail (examples), nonetheless within the reverse route: my Gerrit CLs had been abandoned after gRPC-high-tail favorite them on Github.

In the end, the level is that this would possibly well per chance even be computerized with a tiny of labor and rejecting Github PRs or now not is a policy resolution extra than the leisure. I propose we alternate our policy.

Some will instruct that the optimistic of PRs will decrease, as many the PRs that approach and are auto-closed by the pushback bot are pretty circulate. But so are many of the Gerrit CLs. I imagine the Gerrit CLs are simplest better on moderate because that draw it be extra likely of us relish be taught the contributing directions, or relish contributed within the past. But whereas you simplest spy to delivery with-time contributors on Github PRs vs Gerrit CLs, the optimistic doesn’t spy too assorted. Of us toughen over time as they be taught the project and its insurance policies.

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