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Comparison is a powerful, professional, premium WordPress theme. It comes with an impressive array of optional options and widgets that allow you to control the look and feel and the products will be displayed on the website.

Whether you are an individual blogger who often plans to earn revenue from product feeds, experienced affiliate or Internet Entrepreneur, Comparison has included and will help you generate cash prizes. Pink from selling products. Using theme and widget options, you can manually add products and import CSV product feeds, control your content layout, manage your own ads, Show latest videos, show your latest photos and more

Compare the great looks of the box but also works as the perfect blank canvas for those looking to customize and develop their own website. Compare Prices

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Theme Features

100% Custom

  • Easily modify system template
  • Valid XHTML Strict 1.0 Design without seals

  • Customize color settings by using convenient color picker
  • Custom background color, pattern or wallpaper
  • Custom.css file to separate your separate CSS rules

  • Set color and gradient for the two main colors
  • Full support for localization (containing the default .po / .mo files)

  • English, German and French translation files include
  • Optional slider / promotional slider with home subtitle (slider xu)
  • Custom administrator login logo
  • Default Slide and Post thumbnails

Price comparison function

  • Manually add products through the admin area
  • For Price Comparison with a small number of products
  • Compatible with Compare Price Comparison Plus Plugin for WordPress for advanced users who want to manage a large number of products through XML / CSV feeds automatically updated via the Work of WP cron

  • Using WordPress Custom Type for product
  • Import product through predefined CSV file
  • Product Management, Navigation, Retailer and Branding through the Admin Area

  • 2 category levels – top-level and sub-categories, e.g., Smartphone> Apple
  • The basis of exporting all products in CSV format for convenient editing
  • Example CSV file including
  • Supports USD, EUR, GBP and any custom currencies or percentages, for example: For financial comparison websites

Some Widgets and Custom Widgets

  • SEO Text on Home
  • Home Products

  • Home Category
  • Home Brand
  • Sidebar Product Catalog – Configure and combine brand, product, category and price

Expanding themes

  • Mimics WordPress UI
  • Currency

  • Customized currency
  • Upload custom logo
  • Support Plain Text Logo
  • Custom Upload Favicon
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • FeedBurner RSS Support
  • FeedBurner RSS to Email Support
  • Bios author on the post
  • Much more …


  • Full price comparative ancillary for importing csv or manuals for products, brands, categories and retailer information such as prices, links and images
  • Image Slider Highlight with Subtitle Text on Home
  • Content blocks can be configured home page (extended)
  • Function of the Blog
  • Two Custom Menu Locations
  • Send thumbnail / prominent photo support
  • Gravatar supoort

  • Improved dropdown jQuery
  • jQuery Powered Brands and Products "Carousel", "Slider" and Hover effects
  • Many shortcodes, for example, content bubbles (tooltips), price comparison tables will be included in the post content or page

Social Networking

    Turn on / off sharing

    Choose a personal network to display (16 channels to choose, including Facebook, Twitter or Google +)

Template Page

  • Default Template
  • Brand Templates with inbuilt glossary
  • Retailers Page
  • Template Archive
  • Full width (without side bar)
  • Contact form

  • Standard Blog functionality to expand your content and include product bubbles or price comparison tables for specific products through simple short codes

Easy Setup

  • Step by step guide on Theme Options
  • Get up and running quickly using sample data from our test page
  • Import all menus, posts and pages into your WordPress installation
  • Product data file include

Awesome supported by AWESEM

  • Demo Site Demo Site
    Open Document
  • Helpdesk (6 month support)

Important: Please note that this theme provides Basic Rate Comparison functionality that needs to be updated manually. For more advanced functions like direct XML / CSV fed product feeds, automatic daily feed import, product mapping and catalogs please see Compare Price Plugin Plugin Plugin for WordPress

If you have other questions before purchasing our Price Comparison topic, please contact our form on and we will be happy to come back. With you

The latest updates

Before upgrading, we recommend backing up your site's entire database and also get a full copy of your WordPress installation to ensure that you're always up to date. Can roll back in case there is a problem during the upgrade!

  • V2.5 – 07/06/2016 Comparison of response upgrades

This release brings online comparisons with the latest changes to WordPress and lay the foundations for our future improvements. The changes to note are:

  • Brand pages now show brand descriptions saved on trademark
  • We made some background scene changes for comparison to improve its performance when running alongside Compare +.
  • A minor issue with price refinement has been overcome.
  • Older versions of Compare Responsive have caused warnings about PHP related to the sidebar registration, they have been resolved


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