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Money. When you read that word, what do you think? How do you feel? Which images run through your mind? Fun, interesting, investment and vacation? Stress, worry, debt and work? Money keeps a different meaning for everyone. What does money mean to you, or are you giving money?

Imagine you are at your bank to withdraw money. You are standing at the payer's window when informing you that your account has been removed completely. She continues to tell you that not much money … anywhere, in fact the whole world is running out of money. She seems shocked when you do not know because they talked about it all morning on news and radio. The outbreak of terrorism is rampant in the streets as the world goes awry. No one dollar is found anywhere. Nearly the world is mined. You and the respondent nodded in agreement and said, "I know that money will run out someday." Ok, maybe you are smiling because that sounds ridiculous, but it can not be denied that we often put that pressure on ourselves when it comes to the money in our lives.

We live in a social mindset about driving and thinking about money we do not have, with feelings of anxiety, worrying that we will not be enough or we will be exhausted.

When you go to the tap to grab a cup of water you have a feeling of anxiety or panic nothing will out? Either will not be enough and you will be thirsty? Do you get sleepless at night thinking you could run out of water? No, of course not, in fact you may not give it a thought you just expect water to flow from the cock as it should be. It's a universal law that you get what you expect. Look forward to taking the water from the tap and you will and recognize that if you expect to run about the money you will.

Do you ever feel worried about money? Is your mind full of heavy thoughts about never having enough or worse than you would "run away" money? The better question is whether the stress you feel is real or even necessary and what you can do to make it. Money is the leading cause of health problems and relationships. Money is the leading cause of health problems and relationships.

This is the most important reason to create a healthy outlook on money. It's the number one thing that couples fight and top reasons for divorce. It makes people stress in the body causing real, physical symptoms. Remember that it is not money but the concepts and feelings we have for the money that we offer. For example, a couple with a husband who grows up in a family feels that spending money on vacations is frivolous and better spent, and a bigger wife in a precious family for a holiday They do not matter Cost it was worth every penny. When is there time for this couple to plan with their money, you can see where the disagreement can come into play? This decision now becomes emotional because their individual values ​​do not match. The wife suggests a holiday in Italy and her husband wants to put money into the IRA fund to retire. After a while, every purchase decision becomes a debt, resentment and tension lose relationship. If you find yourself in that situation, sit down and ask yourself what to think about the money and where they come from.

Are they positive or negative? Do they make you feel empowered or whacked? For instance, sometimes the husband always wants to go to Italy but he is guilty because he thinks the money concept for the trip is a waste. If he really wants to experience and enjoy a trip to Italy with his wife, it would be a waste if they feel happier when they experience it. It also shows that his old concept does not support what really gives him happiness. Does your concept still support who you are and the direction you want your life to flow? What are your current values ​​for money that do or do not support and assist you with your financial choices?

Financial pressure can cause devastating damage to your physical health. For example, you receive a notice, you must pay an unexpected $ 2000.00 dollars this year. It makes you react to anger and frustration and you feel stressed. The first stage of stress is the alert response. The flow of information from your brain to your endocrine system is better known as a "fight or flight" response. Once the tension stops, or you go to terms with information, you return to normal. Note that it takes about 27 minutes for your body to return to its normal chemical state after experiencing your reaction. The more you smoke or complain about paying, the longer you stay in the state. If you continue to stress, your body will try to adapt to stress by fighting back. Your muscles are stretched, your body temperature rises, you even have uneven heartbeat when you fight with this information you feel very sad. Again, if stress stops you back to normal levels after a period of cooling down time. However, if you continue to stress, you will feel exhausted and you become prone to health.

Our bodies & # 39; The stress response worked great during the days of the cave when we encountered bears and large animals that we need to run from to survive. Our combat or flight system distributes chemicals into our body so that we can react and cross the big bear or fight and kill it at dinner. Then your stress will go away. It plays an important role in our survival.

In today's society we have a new kind of tension: psychological stress. Our lives are not always dangerous, but our minds act as if they are. It has nothing to help us. As a society, we emphasize everything, and stress no longer appears in short bursts, it is continuous. When we live in a non-fighting world and do not flee it makes us carry chronic stresses unresolved. This chronic tension means that you will never relax easily, causing your energy leak, mind and body to become fatigue-free.

Your immune system is weakened and you are a walking target to calm down. You are susceptible to colds, flu, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, headaches and premature aging.

This physical chemical event is also poisoning the memory cells of our brains. Do you have trouble remembering the truth? Age may not be related. Stress is more likely to be the cause. Stress releases bad chemicals to our brains. Scientists have shown that people with posttraumatic stress disorder and those with severe depression – develop a smaller hippocampus, about 26 percent than most people. (Hippocampus is part of their brains forming new memories and reviving old ones.)

When it comes to money they We stress and fear stress terrible thinking that we can run dry. The funny thing is that we can control the flow of money in our lives more than the flow of the tap, but we become helpless, feel empty, weak and trapped in our work. We talk about our prosperity. Understand that being broken or becoming completely rich is the state of mind. I have both myself and you can guess which one feels better and you produce better results? Your mood and subconscious thinking is what makes the choices you make and what you do with your money. Your confidence and self esteem may be attached to money.

Many of us value our success in dollars for our name. If we feel short of money in our lives, we tend to feel unconvincing like we did something wrong or that we were not good enough compared to everyone else.

It's clear that your money does not define you. With or without it, you are amazing. It's not money, but how do you feel about your money making a difference in your life. Money just means you give it. Energy is simple and simple, but if its positive energy or negative energy is up to you.

There are many ways to improve your feelings about money and financial position in your life. The first thing is to be aware of your present concept and emotions that stir when you think about money. Be sure to watch for my upcoming advices on creating a wealthy mindset. Visit [http://www.youcanflycoaching.com/contact] for a 15-minute consultation if you would like more information on developing prosperity!

Source by Nicole Isler

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