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<img src="http://themes.sindevo.com/gomobile/detailspreviewup/detailspreviewone.jpg" alt=" Go Mobile "title =" Go Mobile "/>
<img src="http://themes.sindevo.com/gomobile/detailspreviewup/detailspreviewtwo.jpg" alt=" Go Mobile "title =" Go Mobile "/>
Go Mobile "title =" Go Mobile "/>
<img src="http://themes.sindevo.com/gomobile/detailspreviewup/detailspreviewfour.jpg" alt=" Go Mobile "title =" Go Mobile "/>
Go Mobile

GoMobile is an HTML mobile phone that gives you a starting point when creating a mobile web site, web application, and integrates with solutions such as phonegap / cordova, for a true native application. The

Video test themes on iphone HERE

UPDATED – February 17, 2017

1. New main design

2. Multipage version updates with classes for internal links and external links.

To get this update just access your account and download the archive again, it's free.



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