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How to Make Money With Project Payday


First things first ladies and gentlemen, I want to make it abundantly clear to you that you are not going to become fabulously rich by taking advantage of the opportunity offered at this website. I can only tell you my personal experience; This date i have made a grand whopping total of $ 472.50. So needless to say I'm not rolling in the dough. However, when it comes to making money you must factor in the individual effort of the entrepreneur. If I applied myself to this program 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, then one should expect more than just a few hundred dollars considering the effort that was put forth. That said, our meager profits in no way cast a dim light on the financial opportunity provided by Project Payday. You, my friend, must draw your own conclusions.

Now, let's discuss how money is made from the Payday Project. Please do not consider my opinion to be compromised by bias – my experience has nothing to do with the facts, so I will be as objective as one can conceive when to share the details of this program with you. There are 3 methods to generate revenue with Project Payday (method # 2 is my favorite), I will be sharing the bottom line of each method with you in this article.

This website is impressive to me because of one Major aspect, this particular element makes it the stand-out website of its class in my book, and that is the Training Videos & Online Mentoring. You are literally led by the hand and taught exactly how to make money. I'm talking about live assistance; No ambiguous "concepts" or "get rich quick" mumbo-jumbo You get the most accurate information with step-by-step spoon fed on how to turn your first buck. No fuss, No muss!

OK, let's move on. Lifetime membership to Project PayDay is free to join but in order for it to be free you have to offer another or else it will cost you about $ 35 for lifetime membership. Now, do not get nervous, I'll explain to you exactly what I did to get a free membership. I signed up for a free 14 day trial to Blockbuster Online and just made sure to keep the trial before the 14 days were up (I actually ended up keeping my Blockbuster Online account). Upon joining you get immediate access to training videos and online coaching. The other program members are extremely helpful and they will work with you patiently towards making your first $ 50 to $ 100 within the first 2 hours of joining. OK, OK, let's get into the 3 ways to make money on Project Payday.

Cash Generating Method # 1

Incentivized Freebie Sites. These sites offer items like iPods, XBOX 360's, PS3's, other high-end electronics, or CASH! Freebie sites of this nature require that you get 5 or more people to join and try to offer before they will ship you your prize. . There are forums in the Payday area members forum where members post links to their IFW (Incentivized Freebie Website) from which they are trying to earn their desired item. You can also browse a list of "trade offers" others have posted. Trade offers are basically where a member offers you a cash reward for signing up with their IFW. The first freebie trade I earned me $ 14 and it only took me a few minutes to complete it. When you find a freebie you just click on the offer to see more information. If you like what they are offering (anywhere from $ 10 to $ 64 per sign up) you would then click on the link they provide and sign up for their offer and maybe a couple of other ones as well. When the offer is completed Once your sign up credit is confirmed their back-office will send you the amount of money you promised in the trade via whichever payment processor you are comfortable with (PayPal is the processor of choice for IFW members). This is what they call "going green"! VERY VERY IMPORTANT: you will need a notebook to write down all the offers that you sign up for so that you can cancel them before the trial is over your credit / debit card gets charged. Method # 1 takes some time to master but YOU WILL make money doing this.

Cash Generating Method # 2

This is my method of choice … the Affiliate Program! When you first become a member of your per-referral rate is $ 1.50. When your volume and quality of web traffic increases you will be awarded a pay raise, which could be between $ 2.00 and $ 5.00 (even more for super affiliates). It is rather easy to secure referrals, all you have to do is advertise the referral page that they give you upon joining the program. Whenever someone creates a free account / requests more information from your URL, you get paid for each referral at your applicable referral rate. When someone visits your site they can watch the video open, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter their name, email, and a password of their choice. Each time someone enters their information at the bottom of the page you get paid!

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