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In times that have passed and for many even today, the pursuit of an individual's spirit and gaining financial wealth are often considered to be the end of.


Ending the Opposition Of a spectrum. I definitely say & # 39; Personal & # 39; Because well known, when it comes to major religious organizations around the world, they do not seem to have this distinction and because it has become the richest organ on the planet.

For some strange reason, this changes when you consider the individual. This divided between wealth and spirituality led to the popular claim that " money is the root of all evil" . Over the years, there has been an idea convincing someone to just be one or the other, but not both, almost like some sort of sin to desire wealth. This may be because many people are looking at today's world, seeing all the problems and problems of it and then come to the conclusion that pre-nourishing consumerism leads to predatory dogs. , Psychological competition with the environment and humans Connect is the ultimate losers in this model.

However, our thoughts these days have made a small change. A change that many will perceive as a very intelligent and enlightened person. Change for new age people & # 39;. This change is claimed; Money is not the root of all evil, but LOVE of money is. This new twist I certainly was made with all the best intentions, one that tried to distinguish a small piece of small color difference of paper, or plastic, From EMOTION behind it. Now the word "evil" is a very powerful word with many potential definitions for it. The word "evil" is a very powerful word with many potential definitions for it.

As a teacher of the Law of Attraction, I want to give a definition of "evil". In this context is anything that you focus on. It leads your spirit into contracting rather than extending. . Like I said, evil is too much of a strong word here, but I'm using it in relation to the initial statement about the money that we started. Despite the repeated messages of all spiritual masters in our history, most people live day in and day out without a real sense of who and how.

Who is who; Because we are easily distracted from day to day pursuit. The enlightened ones of our past say that we are immortal beings with a temporary human experience. We are an extension of the source that allows an infinite person to experience his own magnificence through the loving manifestation of the divine nature of love through the individual fragments that we call ourselves. . Like the branches connected by the trunk, we as humans are branches on the same tree, and as our lust and creativity are born from within us, it is the preparation of We let the direction of light towards the extension of the entire tree.

At any time, we are either focused on something that has the root of emotions of love or fear. Anyone with deep understanding of the Law of Attraction will automatically pay attention to the vibration of their inner state that is closely linked to their thinking. As Earl Nightingale puts it, "you become what you think most of the time."

This is a strong statement when it comes to the Law of Attraction. This law, in its most basic form, says that what you focus on, you attract. The nature of your vibration, adjusted by the frequency of your thoughts, is drawn to you.

Now let's look at the implications of this fact. Most human beings, especially those in the West, have a great focus on money. Not only focus on money but also the fact that there is no personal experience of them. Many will spend Monday through Friday doing work they are not passionate about so they can make a fortnightly pay or pay monthly. Just consider for a time period how many hours of the day an average person would spend on a certain thought involving money, then consider how often that thought would be one of them. & # 39; missing & # 39; Rather than wealth. In his life.

Simple results of this you show more and more experience does not have enough money.

You do not have to love all the money as it will dominate your vibration and concentration. Last Spiritual Evil & # 39; Being distracted by the pursuit and accumulation of something that society has decided together is necessary to get more imaginative that advertising companies have spent a lot of money on. All this to get the money that you will happily give away if something like your health is left to you. The sad truth is that if no human being has to focus on money, if money is not about our lives, what can we do without money? Many of us will really choose to serve others and really work towards making a difference in the world. Imagine the kind of world we can create. "

If our content is primarily about "how can I serve more" Instead of & # 39; I do not have enough money. "

This article It does not support that we leave everything; this is unlikely to happen any time soon anyway. However, if we become more familiar with the Law of Attraction and the nature of energy, We will actively choose to concentrate our minds more carefully, allowing our content to attract us to the vibration of it. It is very easy to be one of those things if we choose to place it as an intention and then focus on our mental expansion activities rather than the contract. In eternity and only & # 39; Yes, NOW!

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