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Learn How To Screen Print Tee Shirts – For Fun Or For Money


There are several steps involved in learning how to print the screen. Each step will bring you closer to the actual printing of tee shirts. However, the learning curve may appear too large to complete if we analyze and look at the whole effort at the same time. We can break the process into 7 very basic parts:

1. Create positive artwork.
2. Produce artwork for filming.
3. Make the screen.
4. Expose your film to the positive screen.
5. Pencil inserted into the screen.
6. Printed shirt.
7. Brush the printed shirt in the oven.

Now there are many different ways to complete a screen printing. The checklist above would be a rough trade outline. However, printing at home in a fashionable arts and crafts is fun and easy. You can use everyday items like old photo frames or hoop hoop for your frame. Some people have used white nylon curtains, great as mesh. There are even ways to put a mask on the screen, so there is no need for complex equipment or sensitive chemicals.

Since screen printing is a basic stenciling process, you do not need to push the toner through the screen with any kind of squeegee. Many stains or swabs of different inks and paint through the screen with a brush or paint roller. There is even an additive for standard acrylic fabric that can be used. They just need to be set with iron.

The possibilities of screen printing at home are endless. It can be fun and educational while still creating a permanent memento. You can fine tune your technique to print to the home screen quite well. Many people end up making shirts for friends and family. You can get good enough to look away commercially but there are a lot of things to consider in commercial screen printing.

Although you can do pretty much at home and even print the coat for money with a "home-brew" style printing screen, go commercial is a bit different. The idea in commercial screen printing is to produce the highest quality print in the least amount of time with minimal effort. That means it must be fast and easy to print really great prints on tee shirts.

This is something to look at as printing is generally riddled with term and bulk pricing. That means when customers buy more shirts, you sell them at lower prices for each shirt. You will actually make more money by printing larger volumes than smaller runs. That's where your equipment needs to be able to produce for you.

That's where the commercial printing costs go into the picture. If you want to be serious about screen printing, you need at least a couple of important components to get your device up. Tee shirt press is an essential device for professionals. Of course a belt dryer and a contact unit would also be important. Do not be afraid; There is hope for a merger of two different sides of the screen. People can only buy the essential equipment they need and then fill in the blanks using used tools or accessories at home or by hand. And sometimes put it up in your garage? Many silk screen printing businesses have started that way.

Just think, you can print a tee shirt for your mother's birthday party and pay for the cash shirt you make for the printed shirts.

Yes, there is one other thing to consider with that. Carefully adhere to any local environmental laws regarding the use and handling of chemicals and products related to screen printing. Providers of screen printing products will be happy to provide Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), chemical makeup and hazardous materials information as well as preventive information for use. For human use. This also means checking into local zoning laws that may restrict or prohibit such industrial activities in residential areas. Of course, this will not apply to the screen printer's preference.

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