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Make Money Blogging for Rookies – With Poems!


Make Money Online From Home – Beginners & # 39; Time Guide is hard! But as A's wise-old philanthropists in America say, "when it comes to hardship, it's hard to get blogged!" So you have decided to make money online with a blog. How difficult are you? A bunch of other loons are doing it so why not me? You just create a blog (free with Blogger). Sign up for AdSense (free). Put the AdSense ads on your blog. Write some content. Then check your AdSense account ten times a day to count your deposit in! Easy peasy! The bad news is, it is not easy, but the good news is – it can be! "

So before we go to here is a poem I write, I call it "I blog for money, honey"

Ho hoo

There is no chopping work

No more chopping

With your dirty cutter

You are now A tall person

Beaver likes you good

I think about summing it up. Become a famous blogger, make a dosh dosh and those idle beavers will take care of themselves. Bees seem to have invaded cyberspace, gnawing on the island with their tiny teeth, ignoring law-abiding citizens by caressing cute and often devastating sheep. . But do not be afraid, with your new trapping skills you will soon take them out of your hand. Woods eat wood? Who know? But that is something for you with Google (later! – note I only go to an important part). Now we have to catch the smelly little animals.

So here goes. To make money blogging basically there are two methods, which I have very carefully numbered 1 and 2 to make them easier to follow. Two Ways to Make Money Blogging

  1. Copy what other successful bloggers do to bloggers. Let's do something completely unique, which is something that no one else has ever done.

If you want to follow the route does not. 2 is good, you just need a single idea (and interesting) – just like the creators that cute cats can my site cheezeburger haz, that just take off and make them a pile of money. Your only great idea is getting the virus and millions of visitors every day about cat cats (I'll say pussies but I do not want people to think I'm raw) and you make pots of money. Good luck.

If you do not prefer the route 1 way to make money blogging, then you need to follow the good old route 2 i..e. Copy what the blogger trailblazers did. We are not proud.

Now this is where it gets complicated, so now I'm going to split this route is not. 1 in two more I will call the 1A call. And 1b. In method 1A.

In method 1A. You follow the famous route & # 39; A list of wealthy bloggers make money. Gurus & # 39; Examples are Mr. Problogger, Mr. John Chow, Mr. Shoemoney, Mr. Dosh Dosh, Mr. BigFat Money Maker etc … and others writing the same document. Great content (great if you can not sleep) – you did not hear & # 39; Content is king ha ha – you write great content about how to catch your beard by hauling it into your lair with an old sock or is it an old sack? Hmmmm I have to check it again, maybe I was wrong? – They all have great sites (usually on Worpdress) and thousands of adored sheep fans, who frequently break through the junk bits of the blog every day, clicking on their ads. And buy all the stuff they advertise on the sides and on top. Thus make the master experience a heap of dosh, but do not make the disciples a penny. They make money from advertising or selling stuff that they buy. It's definitely a way to trap people who are beavers.

Just like John Chow once said, "I make money by telling people how much money I make." These sites operate, obviously (we have to face it I do not have access to their bank account so I have to grab what they and others say on it.)

But they have a wide angle that is special to Beaver Market and so you will have to be some kind of brain surgeon brain scientist who has horrible nerd ubergeek talents to get a piece of onion. copper. But once you have cracked it, it does not matter how disgusting you look, the beavers will find you can not resist!

Can do it? Maybe. Good luck. But, remember this, a guy who has a website that looks a lot like this guru and has a lot of readers and fans who leave a lot of comments on the line. "Gee thanks Garry for the great post. with"! (Despite the fact you can read the same posts on any blog site) recently said that it is all pirate poo.

Despite the fact that he has a great website and a lot of fans and readers, he does not make money! How do we know this? Do I guess? I attacked my bank account? No, that is not necessary, because in an admirable performance of honesty he wrote an article explaining how his blog CAN NOT AND never and how and "network Social network is stupid "and how they have provided" ZERO absolutely help for the development of this Blog ". How to go Garry! It took courage to do that, and Garry Conn had (and still has) a beautiful blog going. You can also Google (later!) – I did not put the link up, though he said it as if he still did not deserve one of my PR0 links!

So that's enough blogging method make money 1a. I can continue, but you get pictures – beautiful blogs are good and can do you some friends, and can make money for blog lists, but in these harsh economic times. You will need to do a good job of doing what they do (and catch the cobblestones of course!).

So now we go to method 1B. – less attractive, but more effective. And also more reasonable. The way 1a always seems ridiculous to me and I thank Garry for affirming my beliefs. "

But for method 1b, I have to thank Mr. Grizzly, who explained how beginners should make money by blogging. First, look for something you want to blog about and, more importantly, something that other people would like to read about (personally, I recommend a real product that people do.)

  • Had wanted to buy such insulation loft – mmmmmmmmmm insulation loft, crazy But people really buy it, if they still have a house).
  • Secondly, create a blog (free to use Blogger) so that you can actually blog about the roofing sound, not just think about it.
  • Tuesday, sign up for an AdSense account (free).
  • Fourth, blog about your loop content, then paste your AdSense ads. On your blog. That's the basics, but to really make any money a bit more complicated there are a few things you need to do. A blog that no one visits is obviously not used by anyone. People must find your blog! You need visitors to make money blogging. So, how do people find the blog? They type the content into Google they are looking for and click on search. So what do they do? They click on the first web site in the list!

There's a statistic somewhere that shows something like 60% of people clicking that site is Number 1 on Page 1. 20% 2 5% click on number 3 etc. – so if you are on page 245 to insulate loft you will have to wait a long time before catching that beard!

The only way people find your blog about roof insulation is if your blog appears on Google's first page when people search for "penthouse". Google at this time gave me 442,000 pages if I did Google Loft Insulation without quotes, if I put it between quotes "insulation loft" I get 244,000 pages.

It's a lot of competition, but if you add another keyword to your search as a 'save' The result dropped to 43,000 – easier to manage, so when writing insulating posts on blogs, be sure to include the word save – that's just an example. Make multiple posts and include the same keyword each time.

This on its own, however, is not enough. In addition to the keywords (and do not repeat the keywords too – as Google does not like it and will penalize you for it – Google has a lot of hoops you must pass, but unfortunately Google is the boss, since it is " We are playing, so you either play or go and find your own forks) – you need backlinks!

What is the backlinks? Here is the link to your site from Reciprocal links are you linking to my site and I link to your page is not so good – another round of Google – Google not too concerned about. These reciprocal links, although they are better than nothing, what you need is one-way links from other people and your site to your. Ch, and, arguably, the best way to get backlinks is to write articles and post them to places like GoArticles.com. [194590] [194590] [194590] [194590] Why are you doing this? You can include a backward link to your blog at the bottom of your post. If your article is really good, or even if really terrible, other lazy people will download it down and use it on other sites so you get more backlinks and traffic. Your exponentially increase! That's the theory, but I'm a lazy child of guns so I do not have rings to do it. This may explain why my site is not running on Google's 699 page and people find this blog by typing crazy content like "Fila Brasileiro" (That's a Yes, that is the beginning, forgetting to find a way to get past Tiger Woods (he earns most of the money from the sponsor) what to do.)

Bloggers are basically publishers, and like newspapers, they make money from advertising, so this makes the blog make money writing is long and long than I intended and I need to rest.I will continue with this interesting witty game the next day, just for the reasons that I know, just in time, because I am a beginner v Although this has been around for about two years, I suggest you look in Grizzly's site, he is a real encyclopedia.

So far, as far as I can tell He was the only one to say any meaning (but again I did not check his bank balance so I'm taking a lot of faith – although he wrote about how much he did) – He knows more than me (but he's not handsome) and if he's right, it's possible.

Do I make money from blogging? Yes. But not much with this blog yet. Most of the money I earn from my financial blog blog – about online stock trading how much do I do? Not enough to pay rent but enough to keep me going because I think I can do better.

So if you have read this, then you did well and thanks for sticking with it. I recommend checking out Mr Grizzly's site – where links are backed up in this post – and representing one-way links without any other comments back to Griz's page – as I said it. Seems to be the best At explaining how it works. I see life is just a dream

I see life is only a dream

So until I come back and continue this saga, I will leave you another poem

So I wake up

And now no one to see

Source by Adva Jones