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Make Money Online – A New Method to Make an Easy $ 70 a Week


When I first started in this business my first goal was to earn $ 10 a day and let me tell you it is not a bad goal to have. If you earn $ 10 a day that will come out to $ 70 a week, which is what some kids with time jobs earn. It's also enough to pay for any domains you would buy and hosting. Keep in mind you do not need to be a complete newbie to this. This little method works for anyone who wants to earn some extra cash.

The sad part is even though we think $ 10 is modest it can be pretty difficult to earn if your a newbie. I look around at the forums and all i see is people complaining about how they simply can not make any money online. So what I am about to share with you today is a little job online to get you started in making some money online.

The name of the company that would provide you with this job is ChaCha. ChaCha is a company that people can text random questions to and get answers. For example what is the score of the Germany vs Argentina game or what is the weather going to be like tomorrow in the zip code xxxx? So the way you make money here is one of the people who answer those simple questions aka a ChaCha guide. ChaCha pays $ 0.10- $ 0.20 per question answered. I know this may not seem like a lot but keep in mind that these questions literally take seconds to answer if you have the right tabs open. I always try to keep Google maps, yahoo sports and weather.com open because I knew I would be getting a lot of these super basic questions so I can as well answer as fast as possible.

] 20 seconds to answer a question X $ 0.15 a question = $ 0.45 a MINUTE. Some people earn that much on AdSense. CAN in more.

The beautiful thing about ChaCha is that you can work for as long as you want. If you feel like doing a 20 hour shift your free to do so and if you do not feel like working on ChaCha for the next few months then you are also allowed to do so. It is far better then its competitor KGB in terms of freedom.

Some days you will have question after pouring in and you will have an opportunity for some good money, while some may wish you to wait 1-5 minutes to a question to come in for you. So on the days it is not busy you could always do something else while you wait for a question. You can work on article marketing, PPC campaigns, etc. The point is you can earn money while working on something else. You will be surprised how much it can add up through the day and even through the month.

So there you have it, a simple and easy method for earning $ 10 a day GUARANTEED!

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