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My articles on the power of gratitude and the attraction of wealth and wealth


My article on the power of gratitude can work to attract wealth Yes and ample …

Since my last article on Attraction of Wealth and Amity through the Power of Gratitude, I have been blessed with so many things. Well, that of course has prompted me to write an article about this amazing power of physics

Let me remind you that the power of gratitude is part of the law It is a physical law, like the "universal law of gravity" and "relative theory" (for each action that has a horizontal response and vice versa), N Put Isaac Newton. Laws of attraction relate to the theory of relativity, and the "reaction" that you get is created by thoughts, which is what creates your emotions. The reason why gratitude is a positive universal force is that it is almost impossible to feel sincere and accurate affection of gratitude for anything that does not incur a positive frequency [TimelessTechniquesAttractWealthandRichness

This power is not entirely new, although many in today's society have far removed from the This belief, I guess, because many people are so fed up with religious teachings, and what religious debate is right. "But this is not a religious teaching (though you can find the phrase It was a physical teaching. And recently I learned that Wallace Wattles wrote a book on the law of gravitation. M 1910, "The Science of Getting Rich", where he went deep into the technique of using gratitude in his life as a way to get rich. I have read other current books that mention technical "Return more value than you get" as a method of enrichment

Moreover, Einstein has put into practice daily to say "thank you" hundreds of times a day. , As a fact of gratitude for all that was for him. Since my last article on attracting wealth and redundancy through the power of gratitude, I have been blessed with so many good things, in that of [1-AlthoughIamnotawareofthepowerofgratitudein2007Ibelieveithasbeenpromotedwhenwehaveourhomefire

Initially, I was afraid that we did not even have fire insurance on our host policy. When I learned that, we were never covered, but we could have other accommodation on the beach paid in full while our house was under construction, I remember telling Everyone knows how I feel when I stay at Summer Beach for free, and I even have a shorter distance to work. I was very surprised, my house was rebuilt everywhere, not just the areas I thought were damaged. They told me that because of the "smoke break" in the house, I should choose new ceiling fans, furniture, kitchen tables, carpets in the whole house … and even we have a lot of equipment. Better audio and TV equipment!

2 – 2007 was a difficult year for us because of the fire, but I am still grateful for all that "silver" has brought us, and I got a job. Bid much higher in December 2007. I did not even look for this job;

3- I'm grateful this new job will allow me the money I need to keep us afloat since I received a call from someone I knew previously wanted to rent. I lost my job and could not work due to a disability. We have filed a disability case twice and have been denied. But I believe that is my sense of gratitude creating a winning legal case, because the judge in charge at that time "happened" had friends with the same disability as my husband, And gave us the case. By 2011, we have received thousands of dollars to offset the previous losses.

4- Before my disability, my husband was an established musician. However, he has left all his relationships and has done whatever job he can find before he has a disability. But after we received the disability allowance and felt really grateful that the money had arrived, the musicians from everywhere seemed to have escaped the woodwork to hunt down him for the chance to play with him. .

5- I learned about the power of gratitude in 2010 and started making it a daily practice. I always wondered what I could do in my senior year to bring us financially, since my whole life until recently was still food paid to check my paycheck. I asked my daughter about California so that we could establish an online business relationship with each other in online marketing. Imagine my excitement and gratitude when she decides to do it!

It is through coaching me about online strategies and article marketing and SEO techniques that I now start building a successful online business! And the more I thanked her and the people I applied the technique, the more money poured into my account.

6- Just last year I was driving the "P.O.S." 1992 Toyota. Although not the car of someone's dreams, I am still very grateful for the air conditioning and the fact that it is still a reliable car for me. I did, however, keep my dream for a "real car" one day. Then one day I had a strange accident where I was hit by another car. We both went out and looked at our car. By some "miracle", even though my car was completely seduced on the driver's side with a lost exhaust pipe, the other car did not even have a scratch! So I got it as my message from the universe that it was time for me to get my new car, and within 2 months I had enough finance and credit lines available to get. My 2008 Honda Civic dream car

7 – Last time I wrote a blog post about the power of gratitude, there is a very strange but wonderful thing happened in the way "Attract rich and rich" my way. Earlier in the day, I received a notification that one of my internet clients had terminated their account. I chose not to worry too much about that, because I knew that I was getting more and more people jumping aboard anytime, anywhere. I went ahead and wrote an article that I recalled that I was grateful for everything in my past and what changed my life.

Finally on the same day. I received an email notification that the same person had "terminated payment" actually sent $ 100 to my account. Obviously, the first email is just an error. In addition, I received another $ 100 from another customer where the previous payment was "omitted." Also, I received an email informing me of a new customer!

8 – Of course, wealth and redundancy are not just money. I had a kind of wealth and riches come to me in the form of a weird power of friendship drawn by my online business. By the power of attraction, a woman on the other side of the country called me to talk, and it turned out we had everything in common, from our age, the kind of business we experienced. , Likes And do not like, right down the kind of food we love to eat! Law attraction is a perfect force! And, of course, I'm still grateful to my new friend

I really think you will experience the same "fortune" as you practice the power of gratitude. Because, after all, it really is not "lucky" at all … that's the quantum physics law of attraction! Learn more about attracting wealth and redundancy in your life from the power of gratitude.

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