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Nexx – Aimed Multi WordPress Theme




Are you tired of going around; All the empty promises and slang, when it comes to the Internet?
Yes, you will be happy to find NEXX, a value-added package of 10 simple, elegant and powerful samples where it counts, in code. You do not need to know about the code, except it is all done for you. Build difficult and easy installation and operation on WordPress

Because you have better things to do, like creating, selling and growing your business.
You can relax knowing that NEXX is managed by a team of 4 professionals who quit regularly to start a 100% focused business on creating high quality WordPress themes. They have over seven years of experience in web design and development

We urge you to join one of our impressive demonstrations for testing. Click and see which one fits your urgent need. Have enough kit to grow with you, so nothing to spend. Today, you can have landing pages and connect with customers. In a day or month, you can upgrade your online presence to something else.

Of course, creating with NEXX does not take much time, but it allows you to get something moving fast. Because we want to add value and reliability to your business

Your tech-savvy friends will want to know, that NEXX has been tested for Google compatibility – check it out! Designed to work better for Search Engine Optimization? – Check! Can you have all the bells and whistles, or something smooth and simple? – Check! If you want to know more – then read on or better – try the demo for free and watch the online tutorial. We think you will like it too!

Nexx is an intuitive, flexible and powerful WordPress theme designed to suit the needs of small businesses and creative professionals. Nexx is built with gadgets in mind, making your content pop with its ready layout.
Topics include the most popular premium plugins on the market: Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and Essential Grid. Using this plugin, you can create almost any layout, using the drag and drop interface of thousands of built-in components.
Nexx has been translated and is compatible with the WPML plugin


Other features

Full-response interface

Nexx is based on the Bootstrap Framework, which means it was built the first mobile phone. From image sliders to portfolio nets and contact forms, Nexx themes are guaranteed to display properly on all major devices.

Retina Ready

The HiDPI screen is a popular feature among today's mobile devices, so there should be a retina site.
Nexx uses vector graphics and @ 2x to ensure adequate retina / HiDPI compatibility.

nexx--aimed-multi-wordpress-theme-products-marketing-show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things Excellent font integration

Awesome great fonts
Besides the other included icons, Nexx also has a popular Font Awesome logo pack. Always updated to the latest version, Font Awesome can always come with its compact icons.

nexx--aimed-multi-wordpress-theme-products-marketing-show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things Rich graphs

Google Fonts is one of the most complete free web font sources. With over 600 high quality fonts, you can customize your website in any style of feel.

drop-down menu

When using complex page hierarchies or rich content pages, the drop-down menu may be on hand. Nexx has a two-level drop-down menu, which is also visible on mobile devices.

nexx--aimed-multi-wordpress-theme-products-marketing-show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things One / multiple page structure

You can set your site as a one-page layout, multi-page layout, or a combination of two pages

Ready translation

Nexx is fully WPML compliant and also includes .mo and .po files that can be translated by a suitable software such as PO Edit


Scroll to Parallax

Parallax horizontal scrolling effect is a beautiful effect there on your website. With Nexx, you can set up parallel wallpapers for pages, single pages or multiple pages and you can also control the speed and distance of the container.

Unlimited Colors

Personalized colors for your lovers should be a must have option for any theme. Nexx allows you to edit almost any color in the theme, using theme options or page elements.

Background video

Using video as a background image instead of an image will definitely make your site more attractive. With Nexx, you can set the background video using Youtube or Vimeo as the source.

nexx--aimed-multi-wordpress-theme-products-marketing-show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things Contact form 7 compatible

As one of the most trusted contact templates available for WordPress, Contact Form 7 meets, easy to use and effective.

nexx--aimed-multi-wordpress-theme-products-marketing-show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things SEO Ready

Getting your website ranked first in Google requires that you provide good and relevant content, but our mission is to ensure the proper code format for better scoring from Google

Optimized for speed

Although Nexx is packed with a lot of impressive features, the code is always optimized for the best performance in any environment.

nexx--aimed-multi-wordpress-theme-products-marketing-show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things Compatible Cross Browser

Although only a few browsers dominate the market, we must make sure our theme runs.
True to all of them

Frequent update

We always improve our skills and knowledge so that we change frequently. From bug fixes to great new features, updates are usually at least twice a month.

6 Months Free Support

Once you purchase a theme from us, you will immediately enjoy the free support for 6 months. Our support team is here to help you, usually responding to any requests within one business day.

Full list of features

  • nexx--aimed-multi-wordpress-theme-products-marketing-show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things Minimum pattern
  • Revolutionary Slider

    Visual Editor

    Essential Grid

    Background Videos

    Strong Board

  • Encoder and content optimized for speed
  • HiDPI / Retina Ready

    Parallax Scrolling

  • Response Interface
  • Clean Code

  • Children Topics include
  • Cross-browser compatibility

    CSS3 Animations

  • SEO Ready
  • 100% fully customizable
  • No Hard Drive Options

  • WordPress 4+ Ready
  • WPML Ready

    Multiple Title Option

    Drag & Drop MegaMenu Generator

  • One Test Trial Installer – Easy Setup and Setup
  • Custom background using images, colors or patterns
  • Black and bright skin

  • Color unlimited
  • Featured Fonts Featured Fonts
  • Google fonts
  • Advanced Braille Options
  • Open Document

    Built with HTML5 & CSS3

  • Fully compatible with Google Mobile
  • Based on the Bootstrap framework
  • Compatible with most popular Plugins

  • Strong Focus on Typography, Usability and Overall User Experience
  • Clean and modern design – can be used for any type of website
  • Lifetime Updates & Support

Server Requirements

Because Nexar Themes contains a lot of high-end and complex plugins, there are some minimum server requirements that must be met:

 - at least 128MB of memory limit
- read / write permissions for wp-content / uploads directory
- turn on mod_rewrite
- Enables the ZipArchive Extension
- PHP version 5.6 and above
- MySQL version 5.6 or higher 

Some recommended values:

 - upload_max_filesize: at least 32MB
- max_execution_time: 180
- post_max_size: at least 32MB
- memory_limit: at least 128MB
- max_input_vars: at least 1000, but when more complex pages (with page builder), higher numbers would be best. 


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