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Roosa – Just One Panel Dashboard



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Roosa is an HTML admin or dashboard template provided with Bootstrap

Twitter 3.3.7 framework & Perfect combination to start creating website templates. Roosa can be used for any type of web application such as Blog Dashboard, Supervisory Console, Cak End Store etc. Roosa has a modern flat design that helps your next project look great and friendly. With the user. Roosa has over 20 collections of jQuery plugins and user interface components and support on all major web browsers, tablets and phones. Roosa has 4 different layouts . Once you have purchased Roosa, you will have the right to download all future updates for the same license for free. Here are some key features of Roosa :

  1. Bootstrap 3.3. Built with LESS
  2. Organization and Discussion Act
  3. Ministry of Construction] Roboto Google Font
  4. The four variations
  5. The four variations
  6. Fixed and Static Header layout

    Updated the diary

     03 March 2017
    - minor errors in LESS files 
     January 16, 2017
    - Close the z-index button
    - Media grouping
    - stripe progress
    Boxed box wrapper
    - Add starter-kit template
    - Add basic color classes 
     January 9, 2017
    - original version 
  7. [Lưu Trữ] Welcome to our new forum Zing Forum Zing Forum Icon
  8. Icon
  9. [AddthisitemandyourfriendDownloadthisitem
  10. Bootstrap Switch
  11. Morris Charts

  12. Choose Options
  13. Average
  14. Average
  15. [OnlyregisteredandactivateduserscanseelinksNOTE:Imageassetsarefordemonstrationpurposesonly

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