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The latest version – 2.5.9: Released in May 2017 | Changelog




Do you want to have a professional online store on your mobile device?

Unlike other topics that only support responsive layouts, Shoppystore is built with web design templates and mobile web design with full Store features, designed and developed specifically for mobile devices. This is the trend of the 2017 online store – when using and shopping via smartphones is growing fast!


By using a mobile layout, you can build a mobile-friendly site and give your customers a mobile shopping experience. great. You can enable these layouts according to your theme options based on your market strategies. When you disable cell layout, the theme will use the response layout as the default.


Fully responsive "title =" Fully Responsive ” />

Completely satisfy "title =" Completely satisfying ” />

SW ShoppyStore is designed to be fully responsive; It will make your site look great on any device.


Style menu "title =" Style menu ” />



Unlimited Fuzzy Type – 16 STANDARD COLORS


ShoppyStore supports unlimited color schemes that allow users to customize any color you want for your online store. In it, Shoppystore brings you 16 preset colors so you can quickly select the right one.


WooCommerce WordPress Theme Technology – Woocommerce ” />

You have everything you need to start a powerful online store and manage it as a boss. We always support the latest version of WooCommerce Shoppystore is the safest theme for your eCommerce project.



It is very convenient for the customer to get a quick look of the products of interest without having to go to the product page.

AJAX Shopping Cart





Product Type ” />
ShoppyStore supports 4 types of product pages to fit multiple products. Here are some features in the product pages:

    Image Cloud-Zoom: Allows you to enlarge the product image by simply hovering over the image. It also works well on iPad and other tablet devices …

    Pop-up Image: Allows customers to quickly view full product images on favorite pop ups. Displayed as a library slider to display all related images of this product.

    Related Products: Allows you to show more related products in a category with product images, descriptions, and more, as well as access to product pages that read.

  • Item to buy these items.
  • Special price: Recommended products display with slider
  • Social networking : The best way to share your product with the world. We integrate many social channels and share buttons for you.

Coat color



Color Swatches incorporated into variant products can show your customers a product that looks like with different colors.


WooCommerce Technology Feedback WordPress Themes – Visual Editor ” />

The most popular WordPress plug-ins are included in this shopping theme. You will save $ 53 for the Image Editor and Slider Plugin for the Revolution, saving you a lot of time on your site content.


WooCommerce WordPress Theme Technology One click install ” />

Building a website is easier than ever! Actually Click once to set up and install sample data of the page, slider, mega menu, modules, theme options and other settings. Get a web site that looks like a demo in just a few minutes.



Online Technology Themes are fully compatible with the multilingual WPML plugin, you can translate your website into any language. [1945901]


WooCommerce WordPress Theme Technology – HTML5 ” />

Versatile WordPress theme built with new web technologies: Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, LESS, CSS3, HTML5 make the topic more powerful and flexible



Every ton of available shortcodes are built-in. You can create advanced content with minimal effort or even without any knowledge of HTML code. Shortcodes can be used anywhere in pages, articles and also in menus.



SW ShoppyStore is the professional WooCommerce WordPress theme is rated with elegant and elegant design. It certainly fits into any WordPress eCommerce store from high tech stores, fashion boutiques, beauty stores for kids stores.

SW ShoppyStore is updated regularly with home page demos, color schemes, new functionality and the latest technology to meet the needs of users. 16 color variations, multiple headers & style footers You have the freedom to convert elements between home and any create Shop in just a few minutes.

It's not just about a nice design, but also about a fully functional theme that focuses on user experience and usability with a large number of great features. Ecommerce WordPress themes are integrated with bbPress that you can quickly build a strong communication along your WooCommerce storefront. Besides, it supports Rich Snippets to help you easily improve your SEO experience.

Core Features:

  • One click to install
  • Completely meet

    Mobile phone friendly

    Designed for mobile

  • Free lifetime update
  • Weekly Update / Monthly
  • Perfect setting

  • Multi Homepage Options
  • Multiple Title / Footer
  • Multi-cell phone layouts
  • Support a variety of products
  • Highly customizable
  • RTL Interface Support
  • WordPress 4.7.2 support
  • WooCommerce Support 2.6.14

Detailed features:

    15+ Home Layouts – ShoppyStore Design Sell – WordPress Themes for eCommerce

    Website Design for Mobile 3 Phone: Designed and developed specifically for mobile devices

  • RTL Interface Support
  • Multiple Title & Footer Options
  • Unlimited Color Styles with 16 preset colors
  • Different Shop Page Designs
  • Revolution Slider Includes Beauty and Smooth Slider

    [1945904] Include (advanced page construction) – Drap & drop any element to build any site easily

  • MailChimp for WordPress Included
  • One Click Import Demo Site – The easiest and fastest way to build your website

  • Themes Children include
  • Comparison and support requirements
  • Multiple titles and footers – Easily convert elements between home pages

    Multiple Shortcodes – Get creative with an unlimited combination of easy-to-use short codes and quickly create any type of page you like.

  • Google Fonts Included: More than 500 Google fonts – Google fonts list will be updated automatically,
    Set fonts and sizes for titles, slogans, content and more;
  • Fully integrated with Font Awesome
  • Built with HTML5, CSS3 & LESS

  • Contact Form 7 Ready
  • Easy customization
  • Typography – Highly Customizable Font Settings,

  • Support menu with Mega style and drop down
  • Support main menu position, sidebars widget

  • SEO Optimization
  • Blog Layout Options: :

    • Left Sidebar with Grid View (2-4 columns)
    • Right bar with grid view (2-4 columns)
    • Left Sidebar with List View
    • Right bar with List View

    Types of post format :

      Format Format Post
    • Format Post Format
    • Library Format Post
    • Video Format Posts

    Many portfolio sites: Portfolio Masonry, Portfolio 2-4

    – WPML compatible and every line of your content can be translated

    Added support for custom CSS / JS

    Cross Browser Compatibility – It works well in modern large browsers (FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE10 +)

  • Download PSD files worth $ 12


SW Themepy ShoppyStore Theme

Use this package to install to your current page

PSD source

All PSD design themes

Detailed documentation

Provide all the detailed steps to configure the theme
Change the log.

Change the log

 ------------ VERSION - 2.5.9: Released May 2017 ------------
[#] Fixed bug: product not showing on webpage

 ------------ VERSION - 2.5.9: Released in April -2017 ------------
[#] Fixed debugging debugging on Image Product Highlight off at product page

 ------------ VERSION - 2.5.8: Released on 16 -2017 ------------
[+] More options to change the mobile phone layout
[+] Fixed: The image in the gallery has not changed to match the variation
[+] Updated WooCommerce 3.0.6
[+] Updated Revolution Slider
 ------------ VERSION - 2.5.7: Released July 21-20, 2012 ------------
[#] Fixed: Missing text in text box on firefox
 ------------ VERSION - 2.5.6: Released July 21-20, 2012 ------------
[+] Updated WooCommerce 3.0.4
[+] Updated WordPress 4.7.4
 ------------ VERSION - 2.5.5: Released April 4-20-2017 ------------

[#] Bug fix due to update WooCommerce 3.0.x:
[#] Fixed bug style on shopping cart and payment on firefox
[#] Fixed bug on product page detail for products that are out of stock
[Fixed bug fixed menu bug
 Version ------------ - 2.5.4: Released on April 14 - 2017 ------------
[+] Update WooCommerce 3.0.3
[+] Updated Visual Composer 5.1.1

 ------------ VERSION - 2.5.3: Released in March 20-2017 ------------
[+] Updated WordPress 4.7.3
[+] Updated Visual Composer 5.1
[+] Updated Revolution Slider 5.4.1
[+] Update MailChimp 4.1.0
[+] Fixed bug validating HTML 
 ------------ VERSION - 2.5.2: Released in 8-2017 ------------
[+] Updated to WordPress 4.7.3
[+] * Bug fixes: Lack of style on blogs and search results pages
 ------------ VERSION - 2.5.1: Released in June 2017 ------------
[+] Fix: Copy data in a product
 ------------ VERSION - 2.5.0: Released in March 2017 ------------
[+] NEW: 3 Mobile interface
[+] Update Ajax on sw_woocommerce to optimize thread speed
[+] Update Unlimited color options in admin theme
[+] Updated to WordPress 4.7.2
[+] Updated to WooCommerce 2.6.14
[+] Fixed some bugs from the latest version
 ------------ VERSION - 2.4.2: Released February 18, 2017 ------------
[+] NEW: Adds dupicate function when activating sw_core
[+] NEW: Allows to change copyright texts and payment images
[+] Fixed some bugs on the latest version
[+] Updated sw_core and sw_woocommerce
 Version ------------ - 2.4.1: Released in December 2016 ------------
[+] Updated to WooCommerce 2.6.11
[+] Fixed bug: Do not show short testimonials
 ------------ VERSION - 2.4.0: Released in December 2016 ------------
[+] Updated to WordPress 4.7
[+] Updated to WooCommerce 2.6.9
[+] Updated Visual Composer 5.0.1
[+] Updated YITH Woocommerce Wishlist 2.0.16
[+] Fixed bug: Display product images in product details
[+] Fixed bug: SW Countdown: Displays N / A time on Safari
- Change: product image pops up detailing the product to the slider instead of the single image
 Version ------------ - 2.3.3: Released in November 2016 ------------
[+] Updated to WooCommerce 2.6.7
[+] Updated to Revolutionary Navigator
[+] Completed paragraphs added
[+] Fixed bug Add to cart in Quickview's quick product
 ------------ VERSION - 2.3.2: Released in June -2016 ------------
[+] Fixed bug in SW plugin Woo Countdown Slider in home page 11: show reset time
[+] Turn off the sales label in the product details page when it's not started
[+] Fixed bug: SW Woo Countdown Slider is not showing correctly
[+] Change product details page: Show variant sketches
 ------------ VERSION - 2.3.1: Released September 29, 2016 ------------
[+] Fixed bug: out product product => product page full page layout was corrupted
 ------------ VERSION - 2.3.0: Released September 23, 2016 ------------
[+] Add 5 more home page layouts
[+] Five more color schemes
Used bbPress Plugin V 2.5.10
[+] Updated to WordPress 4.6.1
[+] Updated Visual Composer 4.12.1
[+] Update Mailchimp 4.0.4
[+] Add function:
+ Topic options: More about Copyright
+ Product List: Adding a param allows you to select the number of products to display
 ------------ VERSION - 2.2.0: Released in July -2016 ------------
[+] Update WooCommerce 2.6.2
[+] Update SEO for WP 3.3.4
[+] Update Mailchimp 3.1.11
[+] Add 1 more homepage layouts
[+] Add an extra color scheme
[+ Add function before loading
- Failure to fix: The favicon icon disappears after modifying the short code
- Bug fix: Remove the function of the thumbnail in the product category
- Bug fix: link showing full link
 Version ------------ - 2.1.0: Released in June 20-2016 ------------
[+] WordPress Update 4.5.3
[+] Update WooCommerce 2.6.1
[+] Update Visual Composer 4.12
[+] Mailchimp Update 3.1.10
- Fix ajax type after updating to woocommerce 2.6.1 on sw_woocommerce
- Add a link to the ajax banner directory on sw_woocommerce
- Fixed no display of content when selecting all genres on the sw-partner-slider
 ------------ VERSION - 2.1.0: Released in June -2016 ------------
[+] Fixed: Sticky menu bug on Home 1, 3, 6, 8
 ------------ VERSION - 2.0.1: Released on 03-06-2016 ------------
[+] Fixed: Sticky menu bug on Home 1, 3, 6, 8
[+] Fixed a faulty menu style when changing colors on a mobile device
 ------------ VERSION - 2.0.0: Released May 2016 ------------
[+] Add 2 sub-indexes (currently 9 homepages)
[+] Two additional colors (10 colors)
[+] Updated to be compatible with WordPress 4.5.2
[+] Update TGM 2.6.1
[+] Fixed all issues in Version 1.6.0
 ------------ VERSION - 1.6.0: Released in April -2016 ------------
[+] Add an additional index (currently 7 homepages)
[+] Add another color
[+] WordPress Update 4.5
[+] Slider Sequence Update 5.2.5
[+] Update Image Editor 4.11.2
 ------------ VERSION - 1.5.0: Released on Apr-11-2016
[+] Updated 3 detailed product models
[+] Fixed bug:
1. All product types did not show the product in Code WooCommerce Tab Slider shortcode
Woo Tab Slider: The layout is broken when selecting categories with subcategories
3. Fix other issues on version 1.4.0
 ------------ VERSION - 1.4.0: Released on Mar 28-2016 ------------
[+] Added 12 rewards
[+] Fixed bug:
1. Change logo >> heading style to 2,4,5 does not change
2. Top left menu: The check box on the top left menu does not work properly.
3. Pieces do not change automatically when changing language.
4. Subject name is wrong in the file: login.php
5. Home 3: The Woo slider - a sub-layout, in which case, select one word only, in front of it does not display the first letter in the word.
 ------------ VERSION - 1.3.0: Released May 2016 ------------
[+] Add an additional index
 ------------ VERSION - 1.2.0: Released on Feb-25-2016
[+] Add an additional index
[+] Add an extra color style
 ------------ VERSION - 1.1.0: Released in February -2016 ------------
[+] Add an additional index
[+] Add an extra color style
- Upgraded to WooCommerce 2.5.x
 ------------ VERSION - 1.0.2: Released on Jan-07-2016
[+] Original Version

shoppystore--commercial-purpose-woocommerce-versatile-multi-purpose-products-marketing-show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things shoppystore--commercial-purpose-woocommerce-versatile-multi-purpose-products-marketing-show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things shoppystore--commercial-purpose-woocommerce-versatile-multi-purpose-products-marketing-show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things shoppystore--commercial-purpose-woocommerce-versatile-multi-purpose-products-marketing-show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things

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