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Smartly Own – WordPress Theme For IT Professionals



This WordPress theme is made for all busy IT professionals such as: Web Developers Web Designers Graphic Designers and Freelancers who hardly have time to invest in building a good looking website that showcases their portfolio or examples of past work.

The theme comes in two versions: as a "one page" and also as a "full version" . If you're extremely busy then you can set the theme as a "one page" in just a few minutes!

The theme is also very "light weight" and comes with features that you will only find useful such as pricing tables, skills, portfolio and services. We do not want you spending time on designing elements that you would not find useful because we really understand how busy you are.

The theme includes the following premiums plugins:

-Slider Revolution (For Sliding Images) – Save $ 25
-Visual Composer (For building pages quickly) – Save $ 34

Total saved: $ 59


We've included 3 color variations as follows:


  •     Red

  •     Green

  •     Blue

Those are not the only colors. Take control of the theme and customize it with your favorite colors in theme options!


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  • Newsletters

  • 3 Color variations

  • Includes AJAX portfolio loading
  •   Completely responsive


  • Effortless demo content import

  • Share blog posts on facebook, twitter etc

  • Pricing tables

  • Set it as a one page or full version in one click
  •   Parallax


  • Great Support

  • Made for I.T professionals including but not limited to: Web Designers, Web Developers, Freelancers, Programmers, Creatives etc.
  •   Owl carousel for portfolio suggestions

      Author Bio Box


  • Show related posts / articles

  • Documentation

  • Showcase your skills

  • Showcase your services
  •   Lightweight


  • Quick setup

  • User friendly
  === Version 1.0.7 ===
  - Background color issue on newsletter - fixed

  === Version 1.0.6 ===
  - Added ability to customize the theme with custom colors in theme options

  === Version 1.0.5 ===
  - Updated documentation
  - Updated demo content
  - Fixed an issue with child theme (Failed to load resource).
  - Services: Added "Read more button"
  - Carousel on single portfolio not working - Fixed
  - Removed unnecessary notices


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