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Start HN: SheerlyGenius (YC W18) – Indestructible Tights from Bulletproof Fiber

I’m Katherine Homuth and I founded Sheerly Genius – indestructible sheer tights constituted of bulletproof fibers. We factual launched our product on Kickstarter (http://www.2e.go2.fund/tights).

Every One year $eight billion greenbacks payment of sheer tights/pantyhose turn out in the landfill after most fascinating one or two wears. Ripping sheers is as easy as by chance catching them on a fingernail, or simply pulling too traumatic whereas placing them on. Our goal is to interchange these disposable merchandise with Sheerly Genius, which has been examined to final up to 50 wears.

Now we had been engaged on this for roughly One year to this level and it has been pretty an rush. When I began out I didn’t insist we’d be rising our luxuriate in fiber and machines, however that’s what it finally took.

The main fibers I regarded at were aramids, take care of kevlar, which in fact were dazzling for his or her strength. To be regarded as sheer (versus opaque), a pair of tights wants fibers which would be 30 denier or much less. Denier measures the thickness or fineness of a fiber. I immediate realized that the bottom denier kevlar came in used to be 1000 denier! So it used to be a non-starter.

It turned out that now not one amongst the fibers available on the market currently were both truthful and solid enough to luxuriate in an indestructible sheer product. In a roundabout device we needed to originate our luxuriate in fiber: a finer, colored version of the non-dyeable polyethylene fibers dilapidated in elevated slay bulletproof vests and rock climbing equipment. To use these fibers we needed to retrofit circular knitting machines with novel feeding programs and blades, since the fibers are so solid they destroy conventional knitting machines!

My background is in instrument and manufacturing – constructing and selling two corporations earlier than Sheerly Genius. Nonetheless right here is my first rush into textiles. In my final startup I labored straight with many hardware corporations, however became more and more skeptical of the style in IoT towards “connected” anything. One thing I take care of roughly this venture is that we’ve been succesful of innovate in wearables with out being connected.

Fun Fact: Half of of our backers on Kickstarter to this level had been men!

I’m having a see forward to speaking manufacturing, textiles, and crowdfunding. Can’t wait to listen to your suggestions and experiences in these areas. Moreover gay to answer to any questions about our rush in rising the product to this level!

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