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The Great Gatsby โ€“ An Analysis of Love

"If love is only a will to possess, that is not love." The United States in the 1920s was a country where moral values โ€‹โ€‹were decaying. Every American Has One Goal to Achieve: Success Francis Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, presents the real picture of American life in the 1920s. Like many of those days, only concerned with money; Being rich is their primary goal. As a result, their relationships are no longer […]

Old money with new money in the great Gatsby

The concept of "new" and "old" money is hard for the average modern reader to understand. In most parts of the country, the term "modern-day rich" is often not used, and with the onslaught of millionaires and new Internet billionaires over the past decade, There is also Today the United States highly appreciated man-made man or woman, the story of the "tattered to rich." A person making his fortune is smart and creative, a businessman. […]