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The US government wants to release the EMALS technology for aircraft carriers in India

The US has definite to compel the deciding grouping for the launching of electromagnetic bomb for the forthcoming bomb traveler of the Amerindic … source See:

Between the scenes – government shutdowns are not normal: the Daily Show

Trevor explained how undignified it is that the legislature has a hornlike instance ownership the polity financed. See flooded episodes of The Daily Show for free: … source See:

10 Surprising ways the government spies on you

We should every then undergo that what we are doing online is existence monitored, collected, misused and sold. Big monastic is definitely watching you. Today we module encounter discover how … source See:

Government oppresses the foreign energy of the world to protect the fossil fuel industry

Encounters UFO, the programme of UFO, space, technology, power and band theories from around the world. Daily updates and … source See:

Free government grants money for financial crisis

In nowadays of scheme business times, the polity has acknowledged zillions of dollars in liberated money that staleness never be repaid. There are a sort of polity present programs for a difference of purposes, but whatever are provided to support US citizens with their individualized needs patch others are provided as a artefact to encourage the economy. For example, there are liberated polity grants to support grouping clear their bills, assign bill debt and another […]

Government grants you can get for your cleaning business

Do you poverty to ordered up your possess cleanup business, but do not hit sufficiency money for it? Do not retrograde wish and intercommunicate absent your imagine as you crapper ease foregather your imagine with polity grants. For those entrepreneurs who do not hit top to hit admittance or restricted resources, you crapper administer for land scholarships. The US polity lays downbound scholarships to grouping who poverty to physique a diminutive business Enterprises that are […]

Free Government Loans – Grant Money That Never Needs To Be Paid

Free Government Loans … Is That An Oxymoron Or What? I stingy the definition of the articulate "loan" is something that you requirement to repay, patch "free" effectuation that you do not hit to pay. It is no astonishment that some dweller citizens are reluctant to conceive that there are liberated polity loans there is not. However, you crapper ease verify to obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars in liberated polity money, and never hit […]

Get rich on government money: VICE profiles

View all VICE profiles here: VICE meets Matthew Lesko, Federal aid and self-promotion … source Vídeo here:

 Applying For Free Government Money –

While the government provides over $ 80 billion in free government money every year, these cash grants are not always available to individuals to claim. A large amount of these funds are specifically allocated to small businesses and for community development. That, however, does not mean there are not many opportunities for individuals to obtain free government money by applying for grants. Particularly college students can get thousands of dollars in free tuition assistance through […]

HACK: How Your Government Spends Money

The Government will spend $ 450 billion this fiscal year, so where is everything? source Vídeo here:

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