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"Tentered" is a fully functional WordPress Theme designed and developed for Enterprise, Enterprise and Portfolio websites. It fully meets the template-based Twitter Bootstrap 3.x framework that makes it available for all screen sizes from larger to smartphones. It not only responds while it is retina is ready, now there is no blur on your HiDPI and retina device




  1. Bootstrap 3.x
  2. Visual Presentation Builder (Worth $ 34)
  3. Revolutionary Slider ($ 25 Value)

  4. Retina ready & Fully responsive
  5. Grid / List / Carousel Viewers

    Contact Form 7, WPML compatible plugin

    Isotope Laboratory ($ 25)

  6. Great Font Web-Font
  7. 150 Attached Web-Font Symbols
  8. Many Sliders

  9. Google Font Support
  10. SEO Optimization
  11. Google Maps
  12. Touch / Swipe Support for Slider
  13. Retina ready & Fully responsive
  14. Well Documentation for Easy Editing
  15. Compatible with All Latest Browsers

Specific Features

Page Creator

    The theme comes with the most popular visual builder "Visual Composer" worth 34 dollars
  • We've added a number of custom elements for page creators to make it easy for you to display the functionality of a topic easily. There are multiple elements for a Group that can be used to display your group in list view or grid view, carousel view, service element that lets you display services created by In the list / grid / wheelchair mode, the Authentication element can be used to display a full width story or conveyor story as a basic testimonial, All other blog posts / grids / scraps. Any custom thumbnail size can be defined for the thumbnails of posts to create a unique look for your site.

Theme options

  • Theme comes with optional theme panel to fully customize the look of your website. Here are the available options
  • Turn on maintenance while you're developing your site. This is a simple module included in the topic that will block access to your site for non-login users when the user logs on as an administrator can still see the site while making changes
  • Show or hide the top back button that appears in the lower right corner of the site view
  • .

  • There are many fields available for you to add custom scripts to your site before closing the top tags or closing body tags.
  • You can turn off the response function of the topic or you can enable the zoom function for the touch device.
  • Easily change the content width of the site or make it boxed in the center with a beautiful background for the entire site of the body outside the box.

  • Minimum height control for content areas or top / bottom spacing for all pages. You can organize events to make the ad slot spread to 100% of the screen width
  • Choose between 3 designs for website title. Make it spread 100% of the screen width, activate, disable search cart and cart cart options in the header. Add your information like phone number, email in the title.
  • Customize the appearance of sticky headlines such as background color settings or color links. Put the default header header image for all sorts of posts such as different images for all event posts, blog posts etc.
  • Set title headers for static pages, such as archive pages for custom post types, search results pages, etc.
  • Upload icon images for default headers, sticky titles and both icons as retina images as well as retina trigger devices
  • Set a custom logo for the admin login page wp
  • Add favicon, Apple iphone, ipad icons easily from the theme options
  • Easily customize the look of your webpage menu and mobile menu with many available options
  • Choose from different footer layouts for example 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 columns. Change the footer background with your own color, image. Customize the widgets in the footer area. Use the option to display a menu in your footer or social icons. Easily change the string of your social icons with the simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Create unlimited sidebar bars using the plugin of the pojo suggestions or any other sidebar plugins of your choice and then set the default sidebar for all types of custom posts. And static pages like woocommerce, search results, archive pages
  • Enjoy social sharing module that can be activated for you to choose the post type. Choose from 3 different types of social sharing links. Enable or disable social media sites to share links.
  • Set options for events that should keep showing events until the end of time or hide it from the site as soon as the event start time is reached.
  • Changing the look of your event calendar, localizing the name of the month, date easily
  • Select the main color of the site from the 12 preloaded css stylesheets. Or add your own color
  • Change the style of your entire site with an easy-to-use interface, choose from 600 Google fonts for different set of options
  • Add your own custom css or js easily

  • Enter or export your theme preferences data

One click import

Importing unique demos is extremely easy and is the fastest way to build your website. Enter a complete page with one click. It will import pages, posts, sliders, widgets, theme options and more. Artwork will not be imported for copyright reasons, they will be replaced by image placeholders.

Advance Page / Added Options

  • Choose any type of title for any page / post
  • Upload custom icons for any page / post
  • Choose canned / wide layout for any page
  • These options work on every page / post or any sort of post and may override the global / default style set by theme options.

  • Choose your inner page title from a number of options such as background color, wallpaper, FlexSlider, Revolution Slider
  • Set the page title for each page individually
  • Customize the spacing between the bottom of each page / post
  • Control the width of individual content areas per page
  • Enable social sharing on every page
  • Add wallpapers for body text or background images when using canned mode
  • Select the sidebar for any page in the list of all side bars. Select the location of the left or right bar. Set the width of the sidebar from a number of options such as a, three or half page width

Built in Mega Menu

  • Create a full mega menu for your menu items, create one or all menu items
  • Use the sidebar to create a mega menu or add any short code

  • Select post type to display any latest post any number
  • Show any type of post selected with post ID


Support is provided through the Support Forum exclusively for for all verified topic buyers. Please have your purchase code handy when you register at our support forum. how to find yours? Code Purchase Code.?



Pictures from Live View are not included in the template

Change Log

v1.2 – April 19, 2017

 NEW! Dentist, Tentered Core plugin
FIXED! Some styling errors 

v1.1 – April 18, 2017
FIXED! Some styling errors
v1 – April 15, 2017

 Initial release 


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