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The greatest asset or liability – who are you?


What is your biggest asset? In accounting, you can list your home, car, boat, etc. But many people do not realize that having a financial freedom resource is more important than any of that. This is a resource that can make you millions and at the same time cost millions of dollars.

– You –

You are your greatest asset. You are also your biggest responsibility. Whether you choose to be reflected in your finances. If you notice that your bank account has more money flowing out than you could be a debt. But do not expect there are many ways to transform yourself into your greatest resource. When it comes to finances, there is one important thing to your wealth. "

On investment, many people do not invest themselves. Some do not want to be busy reading, learning, and going to seminars. They feel wasted time, energy and money. We feel that focusing on the resources between your ears really saves you those things. Take the time to improve your knowledge of the money.

Just like health, you can not depend on anyone to train you, lose weight and chew food. The more you know, the healthier you are. Many individuals give their money to brokers and their planners without fully knowing what is going on. Understand where your money is going and what it is doing.

I fell into this category early. When I applied for the 401k program offered by my first employer, I asked my wife to help me choose where to put my money. (And thanks to "help" I mean she pointed her hand, and I wrote.) I believe it took a total of 30 minutes. I even thought it was too long. I spent more time shopping for tools rather than planning my financial future.

I have no attempt to study a financial decision that would have taken me for a ton of money. After investing in our financial understanding, my wife and I decided to take the money out of my 401k account and close that account.

Although expanding your financial literacy takes a lot of study time, there are also some "unrelated" to be involved. Keeping old ideas can keep you on the side of responsibility. If what most people are doing is right, most people will be in a good financial position. However, we know that in recent years the average saving rate is negative.

What you do not know can cost you money. And if you are not considered "sophisticated" in your financial education, the contracts available to you will be limited. These opportunity costs are the equivalent of lost money forever. If you believe your mind can be an asset, the next step is to treat it as such:

1. Develop it

It's an ongoing process. My wife and I made many decisions that we really wanted to get back. But stumble over here and there is a part of the process. Your experience, good or bad, can help you make a decision in the future. Warranty – You protect your property, like your house and your car, from the loss of

[194590010] Production rights? Yes, if you are wealth creating wealth, protect yourself. The great thing about this is that once this is done properly, you can use your assets more and grow them at a greater speed than ever before. 3. Share it! – This is the most important law of money: "Give and you will receive." For seedlings provide fruit that others can enjoy. When others plant seeds, you will enjoy their fruits in return. Share your knowledge. Share your wealth.

You are in the driver's seat. You are the user, save and / or invest your money. Where are you today as a result of your choices. You can blame the rear wheel driver or start controlling the wheel. Whether it is health or wealth, you can be an asset or a debt. You choose. Will you sit on your biggest asset or use it?

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