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Tips for Kids Start College


Go to college and go home for the first time. That can be quite fun scary, and confusing to all at the same time. You will face many new things, changes and responsibilities of the course.

You will learn many life lessons and perhaps the biggest lesson is how you handle your money.

Every body life is different. Usually when you are at home, most of the money decisions are made for you or at least you can seek guidance from your parents.

All of the unscheduled university you make your own decision. If you are not careful, you may find yourself not having much money. That is not a good situation. Making smart decisions with your money will not only help you in college but will also help you live longer. Here are some ideas that can help you with some of your money decisions. [1945900]

Know your money will

This is the start of your budget. Make a list of all required monthly expenses you have. These may include rent, food, utilities, transportation, parking fees, school supplies, loans or payments by credit card, and may be student fees. Once you know your money each month will give you some money and then find a way to put some money into a savings account. This evolved as a big habit.

Now the issue of how tight things are putting some money away. Get Organized

You need to keep all your bills in one place.

Get Organized Use a profile system. Separate each month by month and sort. You can use an accordion-style record system or simply the manila folder. Make sure you balance your bank statement every month. Become Cheap

Start looking for small ways to save money. Get the habit of becoming thrifty with your money. If you are not on a plan to eat your lunch package. Cycling to school or walking. Try not to buy new textbooks. Find out what used to or find a way to trade books with people. Trying not to engage in debt

Pictures can be very expensive. You may be in a position where you are borrowing money to go to school. Student loans start to accumulate so make sure it's the only debt you have to go out of school. Be careful with your credit card.

Be careful with your credit card. Credit card companies are very good at college students. What do they do for a reason. They know for many of these will be your first credit card and you are most likely to get in a position where they are making money with you with interest.

Here are just a few ideas and tips. If you follow these you should have good financial shape throughout college and in your off-campus life.

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