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vestige-museum--responsive-wordpress-theme-products-marketing---show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things vestige-museum--responsive-wordpress-theme-products-marketing---show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things vestige-museum--responsive-wordpress-theme-products-marketing---show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things vestige-museum--responsive-wordpress-theme-products-marketing---show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things vestige-museum--responsive-wordpress-theme-products-marketing---show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things vestige-museum--responsive-wordpress-theme-products-marketing---show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things ] <Img src = "https://assets.imithemes.com/images/theme-images/block_facebook.png" vestige-museum--responsive-wordpress-theme-products-marketing---show-news-business-blog--many-good-internet-things

Vestige is a fully functional WordPress Theme designed and developed for Museum, Event, Charity or Nonprofit websites and is useful for business websites as well as websites.

Current Version 1.8 – View Change Log





    3x Launch

    Slider Revolution Plugin (19 USD)

  1. Retina Ready & Fully Satisfied
  2. Grid / List views for Exhibitions, Venues, Events

    Many Styles Blog and Model List

    Many Pages of the Blog Pages
    Many Style Library Pages

    The Assembly's agenda / monthly calendar

  3. Exhibition / Event Detail Pages
  4. Special exhibitions /

  5. 3 Title Type
  6. 12 Previous Color Options & Unlimited Color Options
  7. Working Contact Form

  8. Canned & Wide Layout
  9. Isotope dance ($ 25 value)

    great font icon Web-Font

    150 Icon Web-Font Series

  10. Multiple Effects Slider
  11. Google Font Support
  12. SEO Optimization
  13. Google Maps
  14. Touch / Swipe Support for Slider

  15. Retina Ready & Fully Satisfied
  16. Well Documentation for Easy Editing
  17. Compatible with All Newest Browsers
  18. Room Classification Response

  19. The latest Twitter Feeds widget

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Twitter Bootstrap

Images from the live preview are not included in this template.

Change log

v1.8.5 – 22 May 2017

 NEW! Email event management / exhibition field to receive email for registration
UPDATE! The main menu drop-down menu opens to the left if it does not match the width of the screen
FIXED! The Taxonomy (Venue / Artists) description fields do not display the full editor when the Yoast SEO plugin is active
FIXED! Event calendar does not work with WPML
FIXED! Updated WP 4.7.5 version to fix the repetitive types / tags listed for custom post types (updated Vestige Core plugin)
FIXED! Paging on the event archives page does not work 

v1.8.4 – May 4, 2017

 UPDATED! Revolution Slider to the latest version
UPDATE! Demo data
FIXED! Exact exhibit order is not accurate when using single view
FIXED! Error event date in single-event.php
FIXED! Theme options fields can not be translated with WPML
FIXED! Event ticket prices are not shown on tickets
FIXED! Sub menu title color / inactive for level 2 and level 3 dropdown menus
FIXED! Some style errors 

v1.8.3 – February 07, 2017

 NEW! Option to filter artworks based on artist in Artworks Grid / List page builder creation utility
EACH! Added slide for single page
FIXED! Error on single event page
FIXED! Today is displayed when previewing events from WP Dashboard
FIXED! Event separator rounds the number of events in the list of events list 

v1.8.2 – January 26, 2017

 NEW! Option to change the order of events in the Event List / Grid Creation Utility
FIXED! The Jetpack package conflicts with the Immediate Widget event of the theme for the page builder
FIXED! A single event page displays an unknown date when accessing that page from the WP Control Panel
FIXED! Some style errors 

v1.8.1 – January 18, 2017

 UPDATED! Revolutionary slider for the latest version
UPDATE! Show the maximum location in the location page generator gadget
FIXED! Title of title page post type of event does not work from Theme options
FIXED! Featured images for unique page of unique event must be full size
FIXED! The URL address of the custom list URL / grid does not work
FIXED! The date extension of the post gadget has not changed with the general date setting
FIXED! Link the originating site originating image widget in the popup
FIXED! Snapshot does not work in Android devices
FIXED! Gallery, Location tab in the event, single page exhibit is not enabled by default
FIXED! Event type banner images are not working
FIXED! Image conference icon not working 

v1.8 – September 15, 2016

 NEW! Option to display the exhibit as an article rather than multiple instances
FIXED! The event / exhibition registration form does not display an error message when the ticket is not selected
FIXED! Map does not show a central location for an event / exhibition
FIXED! Type the problem when the testimonial utility has a 1 column layout
FIXED! Blank spaces are displayed when no place is selected for any event / exhibition
FIXED! Image ads for post types are not active
FIXED! Calendar does not display event event color 

v1.7 – July 28, 2016

 NEW! TripAdvisor and Email icons are added for the social icon / footer
EACH! Widget for sorting artists
EACH! Classification sites and artist descript fields are converted to the tinymce editor
EACH! School phone for employees
EACH! Option to include / exclude locations from widgets
EACH! Option to randomly list place / grid in widget
EACH! Field added for Google Maps API key in Theme options
EACH! Option to change the page title stored in Themes Preferences> Header> page headers
UPDATE! Show content
UPDATE! Meta Box Plugin
UPDATE! The Redux framework now comes from the WP Repository repository
FIXED! Classification in event tags / models does not work
FIXED! Exhibitor time will not confirm email
FIXED! Shop's main product page displays the first product title in the title
FIXED! Inconsistency of titles on product category pages
FIXED! Search blocks / shopping carts in the title display below the logo in Chrome Browser
FIXED! Sorting Banners / Location Image delete option not working 

v1.6.2 – July 07, 2016

 NEW! Option to add customized subscription popup content for events / exhibitions
UPDATE! Great fonts for the latest version
FIXED! Event start time does not work like 24 hours 

v1.6.1 – 02 July 2016

UPDATE! Revolution Slider to the latest version
FIXED! In emails to subscribers and administrators, they and their names do not have spaces
FIXED! Ticket number has not been updated for subscribers
FIXED! Free event does not update the remaining ticket number
FIXED! The initial registration button says proceed to Paypal, now it will display the registration
FIXED! The special characters in the event calendar / exhibit did not display correctly
FIXED! Calendar events / exhibitions can be moved
FIXED! See detailed link in upcoming event gadgets joining the wrong URL 

v1.6 – June 03, 2016

 NEW! The page style option has been added
EACH! Option to change the logo background color at Options> Logo
EACH! Search & Cart Options in the menu
EACH! Support Popup from the SiteOrigin Image widget
EACH! Google maps are added to the Places details page
UPDATE! Revolutionary slider
UPDATE! Meta box plugin
FIXED! The place classification template does not display the full text description 

v1.5.1 – April 18, 2016

EACH! Sample post on a single library
UPDATE! Revolution Slider for Latest Version
UPDATE! Google map library js
FIXED! Optional Lightbox does not work for some widgets and pages 

v1.5 – March 30, 2016

 NEW! Option to create menu style at Theme Options> Menu
EACH! Optionally title, title, position, and title color in the location builder location builder
EACH! Page font options for page headers in Options> Header> page headers inside
EACH! Option to add page banners for sorting
EACH! The Exhibitor List Tool now has the option of displaying exhibits in the past
EACH! Option to select if event will display until start or end time
UPDATE! Vestige Core v1.2.1 package
UPDATE! Revolution Slider for the latest version
FIXED! Option to display inactive Page Title from Subject Options
FIXED! The header height of the custom page is not working correctly
FIXED! Error message when adding new menu item
FIXED! Mega menu inside the links menu attributes as class and target does not work
FIXED! The color banner shows the default template image
FIXED! Upcoming Exhibits Do not Work With Filter Lists 

v1.4 – February 17, 2016

 NEW! Added an illustration
EACH! Article on artwork of the page generator, the classification page has been added
EACH! RTL Language Support
EACH! Customizable customization options for events, exhibits, artwork, and employee postings at Settings> Permalinks.
EACH! Added templates for event tags and exhibition cards
EACH! Yelp symbol for social icons on top of the title
EACH! Option to add a link in the theme's Icon Box gadget
EACH! Optional banner headers for single pages and exhibits
EACH! Default title image for artwork and exhibit archives
EACH! Single page template for group and option posts in its page generator gadget to add links to member group names and thumbnails
EACH! Option to set the default sidebar for pages, posts, employees, events, exhibits, artwork
EACH! Added 2 styles of homepage
UPDATED! Theme panel optional more customization options
UPDATE! Currency list for PayPal configuration in Theme Options
UPDATE! Font Awesome icons to the latest version 4.5
UPDATE! The prominent block utility currently uses center vertically centered instead of line height for multiple lines of text support
UPDATE! Demo data is updated
FIXED! The map does not work for some users on single event and exhibition sites
FIXED! Calendar escapes special characters in the URL
FIXED! Free events do not work
FIXED! Sign up for an event with an amount of $ 0 to the PayPal website
FIXED! Utilities Upcoming Exhibits Static Text Now Open?
FIXED! Grid columns do not work in some widgets
FIXED! The font does not work in the event grid utility
FIXED! The default sidebar side does not work
FIXED! The category filter for the exhibit catalog does not work
FIXED! Exit H3 tags are displayed in the search results page
FIXED! Some design flaws
FIXED! Title style for buttons not working for Header Style 3 

v1.3 – December 29, 2015
FIXED! The Event / Exhibition details page sometimes displays the current date instead of the actual date
FIXED! The Set Online button is always displayed even disabled from Events / Exhibits
FIXED! The number of tickets available must not be less than 0
FIXED! Number of misspellings in singe and single-event.php
FIXED! The event does not calculate the exact time the event sent the file type included
v1.2 – November 21, 2015
FIXED! Rating widget posts list does not work
FIXED! Select the type of widget in the inactive group list
UPDATE! Vestige Core Plugin
FIXED! The event list gadget does not work with the type selection
FIXED! Problem with creating new time for exhibit
v1.1 – November 17, 2015

 NEW! Paid event, plugin demonstration
EACH! Ticket registration event
UPDATE! Revolution Slider to the latest version
FIXED! Error with page number displaying page number wrong
FIXED! Development Event Exhibit Error
FIXED! The place address is not displayed on the site classification page
FIXED! The event list does not work for the network event list widget
FIXED! Category filters in the event list gadget are not active
FIXED! Problem publishing demo when Redux plugin is updated
FIXED! Problem on child theme for parent theme
FIXED! Styling for the carousel photo utility header
FIXED! Create a problem type in the event gadget on the grid
FIXED! The field automatically re-plays the contents of the Copyright box of the library network can not be empty
FIXED! Modeling issues with animated access widgets
FIXED! Image wrong header in theme option
FIXED! Google Map not created on place tab on single pages 

v1.0.1 – 28th October 2015

 Fixed introductory referral issues 

v1.0 – 29 September 2015

 Original Version 


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