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When I was little, I would run to the door as soon as I heard my father's truck pull the car into our driveway.


 Fishing is our favorite pastime as a father and daughter, and I can not wait to take my corner and pole in fresh water. Fishing is reserved for live conversations and occasional laughs. As one of the many daughters in the family, once with my father was special. After passing in the fall, I missed our fishing trip, and I still remember my "old" fishing rod.  

A bamboo sword made of bamboo (some call it sugarcane). Tonkin and Calcutta cane are used to make bamboo sticks. Both are arguably the most powerful of all bamboo species because of their high density fibers. Divers know that density and flexibility are the keys to successful fishing. Another reason that straw builders use these bamboo species is due to its wide buttons, straightness, and its lite castability.

The process of making bamboo stick is quite stressful. Actually, it can take more than 100 hours to make a rod! The artist wrapped the silk thread from the bamboo strips to create the guide of the stick.

Due to the time required to make one of these special bars, some ancient bamboo strips are worth more than $ 15,000. Collector's publications such as fleas range from $ 1,500 to $ 7,000. Because they are limited edition bars, their value only increases over time. I've never been judged, but I can guess that it will take a pretty penny as it shows minimal wear.

Limited Edition Features Flea Bamboo Fly Rod

Those wanders wanting light weight will be pleased with this beautiful product. Hand made in Vermont only in 2008, this type of bamboo, 4-w. 6 1/2, agile treasure combining beauty with the ability

Bamboo splitting is the lightest casting ability. I used a number of different bars, and I found that this bamboo stick is much higher than its competitors. Weighing just 4 oz, this bar is perfect for low water fishing and streams. In fact, many critics prefer this rod when fishing in low waters.

This new version of the original Dragonfly Tramp offers the same taper specifications as the original Flea. The updated hardware and silver-nickel-silver hand-carved chair and sliding chair provide the style of last year.

If you are thinking of buying this bar, keep in mind that its value will increase over time. This limited edition Flea was only produced in 2008 and it is the collector's edition. I still look at my love. When spring comes this year, I'll take my old bamboo stick and think of my dad. After all, he taught me everything I knew about fishing.

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